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The competition brought together various Karate schools in the city and its environs, including the Gojuru Shotokan Temple, master Ogo Temple, Fudo Shotokan Temple, as well as Independent Shotokan Practitioners, among others.

The Liberia Karate-Do Federation, under the leadership of Mr. John N. Horace, featured sixteen participants- four of whom- Varfley Keita (Black belt), Alieu Jalloh (brown belt), Solomon N’Bow (Black belt) and Michael Davies (Brown belt) successfully entered the semi-finals.

The Panelists headed by the President of the Federation, Mr. John N. Horace, resolved- upon careful review and awarded points for techniques such as Gari waza or kicks, Uki waza or Blocks and Dachi waza of stances.

The third, second and first place winners were announced as Solomon N’Bow of Master Ogo Karate Temple (163 points), Brown belt Alieu Jalloh of the above karate temple (170 points) and brown belt Shotokan practitioner, Michael Davies of the Fudo Shotokan karate Temple (180 points).

Gracing the competition was the senior Technical Focal persons from Ministry of Youth and sports at the Liberia Karate Federation, Ms Julie Davies and Mr. Wellington Kerdoe, Vice President of the Liberia Taekwon-do Federation, Larry Bruce and Masters of the Ruling Council. By Ethel A. Tweh - Edited by George Barpeen

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