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21 Bullets Found on Crime Scene

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21 Bullets Found on Crime Scene

Prosecution’s fourth witness in journalist Darlington Pelenah’s alleged armed robbery trial, Police Inspector James M. Kollie has disclosed that  21 bullets (single barrel gun shots) were discovered and collected from the “bloody crime scene” in Weeks Thomas’ yard in the GSA Road Community.

“We saw pool of blood in Mr. Weeks Thomas’ yard by his pickup with some marks on the pickup believed to be a pallet- that is single barrel shots and we discovered 21 pallets from single barrel gun… accordingly used by perpetrators against the victim,” he said.

Witness Kollie named evidences collected from the crime scene as the 21 single barrel gun shots, the victim and witness’ statements, photos of victim Edwin Thomas and the sample of photos taken for identification parade, among others.

Journalist Pelenah and co-defendants Benjamin Bookie Gbar and William P. Randolph were arrested on July 26 and 29, 2012 by police for allegedly armed robbing victims Weeks Thomas, Edwin Thomas and Chris Kettor in the GSA Road Community. They allegedly made away with US$17,000 and shot Edwin in the head during the incident.

During police investigation headed by witness Kollie, he said victim Weeks Thomas mentioned the names of defendants Benjamin Bookie Gbar and William Phillip Randolph as perpetrators, which led to their arrest in Paynesville.

On 27 July 2012 when they visited victim Edwin Thomas at the St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital in Monrovia, officer Kollie said Edwin revealed that he was shot in the head by defendant Darlington Pelenah, thus leading to his subsequent arrest at his residence on July 28, 2012.

Witness Kollie said the investigation gathered from victims Weeks Thomas and Chris Kettor that during the armed robbery incident, the defendants put them under straight instruction not to look at them or they would be shot.

But in defiance to the defendants’ alleged instruction, witness Kollie said victim Edwin Thomas identified one of the defendants, who he referred to as uncle Darlington Pelenah after which he was immediately shot in the head.

“Edwin Thomas told the investigation that the uncle in question was Darlington Pelenah, who lived in the neighborhood and that his son and he were attending the same school,” said officer Kollie.


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