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"CDC Losses Its Essence" - ANC

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"CDC Losses Its Essence" - ANC

The national organizing Chairman of the newly proposed Alternative National Congress (ANC) has disclosed that the main opposition political party - Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), has lost its essence and relevance In the Liberia political terrain.

Speaking to the New Dawn Saturday evening on 24th Street in Monrovia, Mr. Gould further stated that, during the formation of the CDC, the intent was to build a purely democratic institution in which the view of every Liberian or partisan would be reflected in decision making, but things changed  suddenly.

“It was a difficult and challenging time during our stay with the CDC because, many days, we were considered as opposition or enemies who wanted to see the party fall, all because we differed with Ambassador Weah and his associates”, he said.

Mr. Orishall Gould said that Ambassador George Weah has unknowingly betrayed the aspiration and interest of Liberians by introducing dictatorship and sole proprietorship and depending on a few close associates, leaving out those who strove to bring the party to prominence.

According to him, the bad approaches of the CDC officials on national issues caused many partisans to divert their interest from the party they once considered as grass root.

He pointed out that the only option for those who defected from the CDC and other political parties for similar reasons is to make their way to the Alternative National Congress (ANC) for a better political result.

Also, in commenting on the political party funding bill recently passed by the House of Representatives, Mr. Gould said that the bill has good intents and motives but it is not timely because there are many social and economic needs, which have not been met by this government.

He added that the bill should be taken to the Liberian people to make their own input as to whether it is timely in this contemporary era for political parties or independent candidates to be funded through state resources.

“The passage of the political party sustaining funding bill is a good thing, but we think it’s not timely. There are so many developmental issues that the people of Liberia are in dire need of, and abandoning those needs and supporting political parties is not yet timely.

"We don’t need this law right now. Spend the money on priority areas such as health, education, roads and electricity. When the country is on course and running well, then we can consider funding political parties, but it is not a priority right now. "

"Furthermore, why give independent candidates public money? I don't understand this.” he stressed.


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