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To prevent any risks of contamination, most of the rubbles from the contaminated zone will be burned on site. A first fire took place on Monday honoring patients, affected families, ELWA 3 workers and communities.

While scaling down, MSF confirms that the number of new Ebola cases in Liberia has significantly reduced.

“I feel we’re gradually kicking Ebola out of Liberia,” said Nelson Diakpo, Psychosocial team leader at ELWA 3. 

MSF established the largest Ebola management center ever built in August last year as part of its regional response to curb the spread of the world’s largest Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

To date, it has 510 patients who have recovered from Ebola after receiving medical and psychosocial care in ELWA 3. 

“I am happy to see part of this center disappearing today because Ebola declines in Liberia. But I’ll forever remember these grounds. I lost my daughter here,” recounts Mark Jerry, Ebola survivor and now member of MSF psychosocial team.

Though Liberia is today reporting the least number of cases, one single case of Ebola can revive the outbreak. It’s essential to remain vigilant, very reactive and coordinated in order to respond immediately if a new person gets infected.

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