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Speaking to reporters in Zoweinta recently, suspended Town Chief Stanley Kollie, said the town administration signed a lease agreement with the company for seven years and has already received US$7,500 of the amount with an understanding to embark on a town hall project, among other development projects for the town.

Chief Kollie said money received for the towel was handled with care, but expressed shock by the decision of the County Inspector to have him suspended.

He challenged the decision by County Inspector William Kollie to suspend him, describing it as illegal because it was done orally without a formal written communication.

Chief Kollie however called on the investigative committee headed by Inspector Kollie to probe the matter in order to reach an amicable settlement.

The embattled Zoweinta Town Chief alleged that he gave 2000 Liberian Dollars to Inspector Kollie last August as transport fare to go to the town to have the matter settled but to no avail.

When contacted, the Bong County Inspector rubbished the claim, denying that he never receiving a dime from Chief Stanley Kollie as alleged, while maintaining that the suspension was based on administrative reason.

Inspector Kollie said being an Administrator; he has distanced himself from any money transaction with chiefs in Bong County. He promised to probe the matter on January 28, 2015 in Zoweinta.

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