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We also expressed the belief that placing ourselves in the foregoing and embracing the New Year with a Change from our bad Past at all levels of the Liberian society, our nation is bound to succeed.

Towards such direction, the pivotal role of the Liberian media must be emphasized to change the ‘face of things.’ While we subscribe to the partnership that must exist between the government and media in the enhancement of national development, such relations must also be characterized not only by mutual respect for each other, but commitment and sincerity at all levels of the relationship.

Even though the tear 2014 was not too favorable for the partnership due to a number of factors attributed to both sides, especially the Liberian media, one can only hope that, beginning this tear, this important sector of society will establish itself as a more responsible and uncompromising sector to lead the way in changing the ‘face of things’ in Liberia.

Such leadership role in the partnership must compel the government-the Legislature, Executive and Judiciary (and others) to adhere to and be accountable for all laws and policies directed at our country’s growth, development and stability.

In so doing, the Liberian media must get away from all of the vices that would hinder and strangulate the professionalism required to constructively engage the government and others, regarding adherence, accountability and transparency. Such vices include back-biting, bad management and internal imperialism, gossiping (and bad-mouthing) ‘mercenary’ journalism, as well as internal favoritism and disparity, among others within media institutions, the partnership and society.

It is no secret that this sector of the Liberian society, in 2014 and before, has not been holding together as the direct result of the foregoing vices. This is why the disunity continues to widen, while institutions continue to ‘mushroom’ to the detriment of the viability and integrity of the sector, thus leading to the inability to make itself a formidable partner to the government (and others).

In this New Tear and beyond, if the Liberian media can only re-examine itself by upholding, in practice, good journalism and management principles devoid of all of the vices mentioned, its partnership with the government and others would be not only strong and respectful, viable more rewarding, in terms of its viability.

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