Uphold your integrity

Montserrado County Electoral District#13 former representative candidate Daintowon Pay-bayee encourages women groups across Liberia to uphold their integrity if they must succeed in their endeavors.

The female advocate contested as an independent candidate in the October 10th Presidential and Representative Elections that saw the ruling Unity Party and the main opposition Coalition for Democratic Change going for a runoff.

Addressing women groups over the weekend at the start of a two-day consultative workshop aimed at strengthening the capacity of women in the areas of unity, integrity and cultural diversity, Amb. Daintown says women in Liberia must uphold integrity because it is the highest value in society.

The workshop brought together rural women and women from Montserrado County together to discuss women’s participation in cultural activities, including unity and integrity issues.

The 6th consultative forum was organized under the auspices of the Swedish-based organization Kvinna till Kvinna with theme: “Integrity, Culture, and Diversity towards Strengthening Unity.”

Over 100 women from both urban and rural Liberia, including representatives of various NGOs, CSOs, government agencies, marketers and young women’s organizations participated.

“We will all agree that there is no highest value in our society than integrity”, she says, stressing that integrity determines what we really are, and it goes with consciousness.”

According to her, integrity is achieved when no one is watching, saying it is sometimes simple, but people overlook it, noting that the issue of integrity also goes with empathy; what is good for you is also good for another person.

The former legislative candidate is also deputy secretary general of the Federation of Liberian Youth or FLY, encourages Liberian women to be honest, saying being honest to yourself and others is key to unity.

On the question of diversity, Miss Pay-bayee stresses the need to unite as one no matter the condition whether disable or physically challenged.
According to her, unity is about being together with one goal to face future challenge in diversity whether you are rich or poor, literate or illiterate, if you are to succeed in your endeavors, you must remain together.

“The change we all want to see is tie with us, it starts from the inside, it happens from the traditional level, and if that takes place we will have a society where nobody will complain, trust is very important.”

By Lewis S. Teh

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