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Building a Progressive Society; a paradigm shift that may help our Liberian society

Amidst the challenges engulfed or faced by the Ghanaian society which is obvious in all societies or countries, many Liberians relying on first-hand experience enhanced by travel always referenced the level of development or progress Ghana is making in their medical industry, education, tourism, system of governance etc. Liberians that can somehow afford the expense of medical, education, holidays, scholarship opportunities Ghana bears the attestation.

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After Kenyan Auditor General's Damning Report: Can Jesus Christ Save Former Auditor General John Morlu?

The past week has truly been very interesting. On Monday, April 25, 2016, local radio stations and the print media were dominated with stories on the preliminary report of the Auditor General (AG) of the Kenyan National Accounting Office (KNAO), Mr. Edward Ouko, which was very damning of the financial system and activities of the General Auditing Commission (GAC) over the period audited, 2009-2013 (under the leaderships of former Auditor General John Morlu, Acting Auditor General Winsley Nanka, Auditor General Robert Kilby) and 2014-15, which coincides with the tenure of the current Auditor General Yusador Gaye. The Daily Observer banner headline for the day was "GAC Extremely Corrupt in 2009-2013" while FrontPageAfrica carried a story on its front page captioned "First Audit of the General Auditing Commission Reveals Shortcoming." 

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Nightfall in Monrovia and its Environs

Any right thinking person or analytical reader that peruses the poem “Nightfall in Soweto depictinginsecurity, fear, and violence during the apartheid in South Africa will have no reason to doubt the similarities to what is now happening in Monrovia and some of its environs due to the prevalent of the wave of armed robbery.

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Boakai’s Presidency—A History To Be Fulfilled

There is a popular biblical aphorism which says; “there is a time and season for everything. A time to be born and a time to die, a time to be happy and a time to be sadden”. This maxim is manifesting itself in the current era of Liberia’s politics with the country most venerated Vice President and one of Africa’s few surviving legends, Joseph Nyuma Boakai in the dock—as the man set and ready to fulfill history.

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A critical look at the Joint Action Committee (JAC) Petition for UNMIL Extension

From the day the United Nation Security Council passed resolution 2239 of September 2015 calling for the drawdown of United Nations Mission in Liberia by 30 June 2016 at which time the government of Liberia will take full charge and responsibilities of national security, many Liberians because of several reasons borderingon internal or national securitythat threatens our post conflict peace and stability continued to express legitimate concerns and fears.

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