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Is the Liberia National Police a Paramilitary ?

During Armed Forces Day celebration in Liberia, law enforcement agencies including the Liberia National Police, Bureau of immigration and Naturalization, National Fire Service, Monrovia City Police and other supporting security agencies are described as Paramilitary units.

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NEC Certificates More Political Parties: A commentary

According to the New Dawn newspaper (New Dawn, September 25, 2015), “the National Elections Commission (NEC) has certificated two new registered political parties in Liberia . . . bring to twenty, the total number of registered political parties in Liberia”.

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“I was manipulated and deceived”

What Does this Say About Sinking Broadcast Standards?

Let me begin this piece with a useful disclaimer. I associate with the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning as former Executive Director of the African Peer Review Mechanism and I still do support the reform agenda of Minister Amara Konneh. Nonetheless, the views expressed herein are those of the author and the author alone.

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Da Ma Interest is good but……

The above caption of this article has become one of the common vocabularies of Liberia’s colloquialism associated with workplace appointment, position, employment and also used in other social networking environments.

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Liberia Independence Day: Celebrating What?

July 26 is the independence day of Liberia - Africa oldest republic. It is an important day in Liberia and important for Liberians in the Diaspora. 

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