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The Fatality of Democracy: Why Elections are Rigged in Africa


Democracy in Africa is difficult to flourish, because there are too many kleptocrats, autocrats and opportunists flooding the political parameter. A free, fair and transparent election on the continent is rare due to anti-democratic precedents mostly devised by failed and corrupt regimes. Democracy in Africa is eclipsed by immaturity, impropriety and intolerance.

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Africa in Tatters

Risky Journey in the Mediterranean Sea: Africans en route to Europe Image Credit: BBC Africa When I think about an Africa of my dream in this generation, I think about a people-centered Africa that would emancipate hundreds of millions out of entrenched poverty and acute misery. I think about an equal and a just Africa that offers new hope for all Africans. I think about a unified Africa free of greed, nepotism, corruption and hatred. I think about a self-reliant Africa that discourages foreign aid and embraces equality in bilateral trade and global partnership. I also think about an Africa that provides unhindered and equal access to quality education, safe drinking water, improved housing, electricity, food security, environmental safety, employment, good roads, modern infrastructure, advanced technology, defense, etc.

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“A Life of Giving”: Family Tribute

Award-winning American novelist, short story writer, and journalist, Ernest Miller Hemingway, once said: “Life breaks everyone, but some people heal stronger in the breaks.” My mother was one of those people that healed stronger in the breaks - Despite serious obstacles, she bounced back repeatedly: left alone as a widow with several kids and limited financial resources, overcoming ailment many times, just to mention a few challenges.

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Impacting the lives of the ordinary People is what defines Politics

One of the fundamental reasons why people consciously become active politicians is to have or gain access to political power or authority through a unique electioneering process such as: election or referendum or any other means formulated and endorsed by a given society so as to impact the lives of ordinary people.

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As Rep Tyler Runs To The Temple To Pray, Should The Supreme Court Act?

The long gathering storm of legislative struggle burst to full life when on Tuesday, August 9, 2016 the majority members of the House of Representatives of Liberia move in a long convoy to the Capitol Building to commence the duel for the soul of our democracy. As the fleet of official vehicles snaked their way through Sinkor and crawled through the heavily barricaded power hill of Liberia at stake was the battle of the rule of law and good governance versus the personal drive to maintain power at all costs.

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