Da Ma Interest is good but……

The above caption of this article has become one of the common vocabularies of Liberia’s colloquialism associated with workplace appointment, position, employment and also used in other social networking environments.

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Liberia Independence Day: Celebrating What?

July 26 is the independence day of Liberia - Africa oldest republic. It is an important day in Liberia and important for Liberians in the Diaspora. 

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Rethinking the Problem of Rape; a Sociological View

Doubtlessly, for those of you that study sociology will agree with the assertion that rape considered as a social problem was inherited from the fourteen years Liberian civil conflict or war. One of the defining elements that qualified the current rape as a social problem has to the negative impacts on large number of people that must be tackled by society collective efforts. 

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Bravery Out Of Desperate Hopelessness

Makulah Kromah lives in the old LPRC fence, one of the five communities the Liberian government has threatened demolition because of alleged illegal occupation. Makulah was born in Zuolay, Nimba County but also lost her entire family in the same town during Liberia’s civil war. She is married to a polygamist, Siaka Kromah.

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Another Way forward for stemming the Tides of Corruption

As a major obstacle to national and sustainable development shared by many societies including Liberia, politicians are on record for criticizing regimes that have failed to stem the tides of corruption as if to say when given the mantle of state power will score significant marks in fighting corruption.

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