Silent Corruption that deserves Attention

From keen observation, opposition leaders, Civil Society, religious leaders, human right, socio-economic activists and even most of the print media spend too much time on capturing newspapers headlines on administrative and political corruption at the highest government level so as to provoke the general public disapproval despite efforts by the government to curb the cancer.

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Back to “Business as Usual”

Yes, indeed, the Liberian “Politicians” (in fact, the “Honorable” Poli-trick-cians) are back to the “business as usual” of lies, deception, graft, greed and plain, old, thievery, after the senatorial elections on December 20, 2014.

Do not take our word for the bold, broad daylight thievery; just pick up a copy of the newspaper, The New Dawn, January 9, 2015. The paper reports a disgraceful, criminal event in this broad daylight at the Capitol, the national offices for the Honorable men and women of the nation’s Legislature.

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Let Us Rebuild According to the Book of Nehemiah

Since 1847 we have been building and developing Liberia. 133 years later (1980) saw destruction and demise erupt from chaos and civil conflicts.

Have we approached the rebuilding process the right way that is the Godly way?

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Leadership & Motivation

Every song needs a singer. Every achiever needs motivation. Every student needs a teacher. Be a teacher. Sit with those you mentor and feed information into them. Motivate them, influence them, and inspire them. It is important that you do it because none of us were born with great knowledge. You became what you are. You discovered what you know. It took time, energy, and learning.

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Paul Krugman and the Obama Recovery

By Jeffrey D. Sachs

NEW YORK – For several years, and often several times a month, the Nobel laureate economist and New York Times columnist and blogger Paul Krugman has delivered one main message to his loyal readers: deficit-cutting “austerians” (as he calls advocates of fiscal austerity) are deluded. Fiscal retrenchment amid weak private demand would lead to chronically high unemployment. Indeed, deficit cuts would court a reprise of 1937, when Franklin D. Roosevelt prematurely reduced the New Deal stimulus and thereby threw the United States back into recession.

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