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As Rep Tyler Runs To The Temple To Pray, Should The Supreme Court Act?

The long gathering storm of legislative struggle burst to full life when on Tuesday, August 9, 2016 the majority members of the House of Representatives of Liberia move in a long convoy to the Capitol Building to commence the duel for the soul of our democracy. As the fleet of official vehicles snaked their way through Sinkor and crawled through the heavily barricaded power hill of Liberia at stake was the battle of the rule of law and good governance versus the personal drive to maintain power at all costs.

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Diverting political tension: Ellen tours projects (small light today, big light tomorrow)

For a second there many Liberians have almost forgotten the status of ongoing develpopment projects accross the country. This has been so becuase of the ongoing political tension within the country for the past several months that have made various headlines, neglecting other equally important unfoldings.

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A rejoinder to Independence Day Orator

The Missing puzzle of July 2016 Independence Day Oration

Like any anxious reader, when I arrived lately in Monrovia from Harbel where it had been rainy throughout the morning hours on July 27, the first local daily that caught my attention was The NewDawn newspaper. 

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Long before the declaration of our Independence in 1847, the freedom of our forebears to dictate their own political and economic destiny was under hostage. For 25 unbroken years, the sovereignty and self-governance of a land which would later be known as Liberia was determined by an International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO) called the American Colonization Society.

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The Education and Employment System in Liberia

Madame President - it has been 10 years since you took power as the first elected female president of Liberia and Africa. During your campaign message you said so many things that encouraged so many young people like me. To my greatest surprise, over these years despite all the international support, why do I see still the following persistent problems?

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