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President Tolbert VS Liberia's Noisy Minorities-His rise and fall in the ProcessPresident Tolbert VS Liberia's Noisy Minorities-His rise and fall in the Process

On April 12, 1980, our young democracy awoke to a shocked and charged atmosphere that was somewhat perplexing, full of disbeliefs and somehow sadness for some and joy for others.

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The War against ‘Zogos’ is Commendable, but must be Holistic and Systematic By Martin K. N. Kollie

The Liberian society is engulfed with plethora of vexing social perplexities due to numerous of factors. Overtime, holistic and systematic steps have not been taken to address these prevailing challenges. The proliferation of ‘Zogos’ is just one of those social challenges currently facing Liberia. This revolving social problem continues to endanger public safety and security since the return of peace to Liberia in 2003. 

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Maritime Safety, Security and Development in Africa

Africa boasts of an abundance of natural resources, in particular aquatic and marine resources, with a potential that has not yet been fully tapped in the context of economic growth and sustainable development. The African Great Lakes constitute the largest proportion of surface freshwater in the world (27%). This becomes therefore a globally important strategic resource as reserves of freshwater are dwindling in most parts of the world. In fact, Lake Victoria is the third largest fresh water lake in the world by area, and Lake Tanganyika is the second largest in volume and depth in the world. Freshwater and ocean fish make a vital contribution to the food and nutritional security of over 200 million Africans and provide income for over 10 million annually.

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The Problems with Patriotism in the Liberian Society

From scrupulous observations, it is no argument to counter the urge for patriotism in the Liberian society. Both the electronic and print media continue to flex intellectual muscles on discourse or talk shows about the inclination of many Liberians of badmouthing and castigating the country. In the belief windows or minds of the radio talk show host and guests, this attitude has always been described as unpatriotic. Certainly, this concern suggests or speaks clearly about the problems with patriotism in Liberia.

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The Fatality of Democracy: Why Elections are Rigged in Africa


Democracy in Africa is difficult to flourish, because there are too many kleptocrats, autocrats and opportunists flooding the political parameter. A free, fair and transparent election on the continent is rare due to anti-democratic precedents mostly devised by failed and corrupt regimes. Democracy in Africa is eclipsed by immaturity, impropriety and intolerance.

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