Is restoring the original School Cycle an Impressive Start from the Mess to Best?

To begin with, let it be crystal clear that the essence of this article is not in any way intended to condemn the visionary effort of the Ministry of Education to rescue or transform our school system from mess to best. For parents that fully comprehend the values of education critical to Liberia post conflict reconstruction especially in Country where education is among the causes associated with the civil conflict, it is safe to generalize that the vision of the Ministry of Education is welcoming and encouraging.

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The Inextricable Relation Between Poverty and Promotion of Politicians

In the African context, politicians are well noticed for their assertion of fighting poverty as the central idea that embodied campaign manifestos. For so long they continue to express the commitment yet bulky of the people are still affected by the impact of poverty though minimal achievement that can be quantified.

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The Irony of Fighting Poverty in Africa

Fighting poverty in Africa has long since been one of the top priorities of most of the political manifestos if not all in Africa. More importantly, in 2005, political leaders from Africa were among world leaders at the Millennium Development Goals summit or conference expressing their commitments to eradicating extreme poverty in Africa as one of the Goals. 

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My Fear for the passage of Dual Citizenship Act

To begin with, let it be cleared that I am not against the passage of the clarion call for dual citizenship by some members of our national legislature and also buttressed by our President.

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Tithes lies and the wrecking of scripture

Tithing was under and is under the law with a curse for Christians seeking salvation under the law, Galatians 3:3-13, Malachi 3:1-18. When pastors and priest lie by quoting Malachi 3:1-18, under the law IN OLD COVENANT , how many Christians line up to be served with food when tithes and offering under the law are given? Is the storehouse pastors' and priests' house or the Church being the body of Christ? Saved Christians by grace IN NEW COVENANT , who are lead by the Holy Spirit are not under law.

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