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Uncompleted Building of National Defense Ministry to be demolishedfor construction of proposed Ministerial Complex

Rumors and spirited debates regarding demolition of the uncompleted Ministry of National Defense Building on Tubman Boulevard in Congo Town for the construction of a proposed Ministerial Complex on the site have been the subject in executive suites, posh restaurants, cook-shops, barber shops, beauty salons, street-corner intellectual discourses and residential dinner tables for some time in Monrovia.

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PIC ME Donation exercise sparks attention for deplorable William V.S. Tubman Pre-Primary School in Virginia.

The William V.S. Tubman Pre-Primary School established in 1953, located in the Township of Virginia, at the first Bus Stop in Central Virginia, is one of the oldest government schools in the country, but its infrastructure lacks the appearance of a school bearing the name of past president William V.S. Tubman, portraying the love the late President had for education.

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An Unthwartable Counter-terrorism Defense

As demonstrated by the recent wave of attacks, terrorists find ways to thwart counter-terrorism defenses. However, for leaders who seek it, there is a simple and cost-effective solution to create lasting peace known in military circles as Invincible Defense Technology (IDT). This method comes from the fields of social sciences and quantum unified field theory -- not from conventional approaches utilizing weaponry, and not from the field of politics. (See:

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Beware of Political Judases

You know for a second there, I would have let sleeping dogs to lie. But sometimes it is just as well as good to expose the cowards and hypocrites on our political landscape.

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The Problems with Patriotism in the Liberian Society

From scrupulous observations, it is no argument to counter the urge for patriotism in the Liberian society. Both the electronic and print media continue to flex intellectual muscles on discourse or talk shows about the inclination of many Liberians of badmouthing and castigating the country. In the belief windows or minds of the radio talk show host and guests, this attitude has always been described as unpatriotic. Certainly, this concern suggests or speaks clearly about the problems with patriotism in Liberia.

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