“Better-off Racist? Ex-Associate Justice Defends ‘Negro Clause”: A Rejoinder

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February 19, 2015

Mrs. Gladys Johnson and Mr. Sam Zinnah present arguments in support of Citizenship – Mrs. Johnson, “The Negro Clause” and Mr. Zinnah, “Dual Citizenship in Liberia”. Both arguments are the usual, so-called “challenges” to the concept of Citizenship, a concept developed, established and administered by Organized Society or the Social State, based on human reason, law, moral and political philosophy, religion and related social contract thought, practice and international law.

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My Fear for the next regime

Arguably, one of the indicators for any emerging or growing democracy in a post conflict environment is the foundation of freedom of speech and press that falls under the umbrella civil liberties. This fundamental rights that cannot be aloof from the same democracy also holds people accountable for their utterances or whatever the say against an individual or institution as far as the rule of law also consistent with democracy is concerned.

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Rethinking the Problem of Rape; a Sociological View

Doubtlessly, for those of you that study sociology will agree with the assertion that rape considered as a social problem was inherited from the fourteen years Liberian civil conflict or war. One of the defining elements that qualified the current rape as a social problem has to the negative impacts on large number of people that must be tackled by society collective efforts.

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As Ebola Ebbs in Africa, Focus Turns From Death to Life

MONROVIA, Liberia — Life is edging back to normal after the deadliest Ebola outbreak in history. At the height of the epidemic, Liberians met horrific deaths inside the blue-painted walls of the Nathaniel V. Massaquoi Elementary School, as classrooms became Ebola holding centers and the education of a nation’s children, shuttered in their homes for safety, was abruptly suspended.

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Smashing Criticism into Pragmatism: Time to Tackle the Mess

For almost a decade since the ascendency of a Harvard educated public administrator and Africa’s first female democratically elected president; Liberia’s education system has been inundated with disparagement emanating from the power that be, members of the ruling establishment as well as scores of Liberians and foreigners alike.  Take for instance; President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf branded the entire education system as “a mess”.  Moreover, in the words of President Sirleaf as expressed in the 2012 Annual Message to the National Legislature: “Our sixth and ninth graders are below average in math and reading, and our twelfth graders rank near the bottom.  Many of our students graduating from high school and college are reading and writing at the junior high or elementary school level”.  

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