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The NewDawnnewspaper, proclaims that in the forthcoming presidential and general elections, there are no front-runners, reflecting assessments by the United Nation, political observers, analysts and writers on Liberian politics.

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How officials refuse to pay the taxes that feed them

When former U.S. Vice President Al-Gore was stopped on August 3, 2004 by Oregon State Trooper Eric Tholberg, for going 75 miles (120kph) per hour in a 55 mph (88 kph) zone, Gore did not put up any resistance neither did he called the Police Commissioner’s office.He sat quietly as the officer processed his ticket.

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When you were in Power/Position, what thing you do for us?

Victims of political rhetoric most of whom are the common people or masses have introduced the above phraseology considered as something emerging in the political culture of Liberia. This phraseological question that surfaced in every quarters, electoral districts suggest that the common people have learned their lesson as such cannot be manipulated by empty rhetoric.

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A Critical look at South Africa, Burundi and Gambia decisions to leave the International Criminal Court

Feature Analysis
On the basis of alleged institutional bias against Africa and its leaders continued to be propagated byAfrican Union (AU) despite sharp opposition from some member states (Côte d’Ivoire, Nigeria, Senegal, and Tunisia, Botswana, Sierra Leone, Gabon, Central African Republic, Tanzania and Mali) South Africa, Burundi and the Gambia have recently expressed their intention to withdraw from the International criminal Court (ICC). As a crutch for the allegation, the AU argues that out of the ten cases being currently probed by the office of the prosecutor being in Africa (Mali, Cote D’ Ivoire, Central African Republic, Libya, Kenya, Sudan, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo), Georgia is the only country outside Africa facing trial.

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Uncompleted Building of National Defense Ministry to be demolishedfor construction of proposed Ministerial Complex

Rumors and spirited debates regarding demolition of the uncompleted Ministry of National Defense Building on Tubman Boulevard in Congo Town for the construction of a proposed Ministerial Complex on the site have been the subject in executive suites, posh restaurants, cook-shops, barber shops, beauty salons, street-corner intellectual discourses and residential dinner tables for some time in Monrovia.

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