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Special Message by Her Excellency Ellen Johnson Sirleaf PRESIDENT OF LIBERIA

For a CALL TO ACTION Delivered at the C. Cecil Dennis Hall Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Dr. Abdulaye W. Dukule’ comments on Rejoinder:


In his article,“Fears, Apprehension and Reality of UNMILL Departure”(, November 3, 2015), Dr. Abdulaye Dukule’ made or makes the claim that“Some of the most important issues at the core of the agitation in the 1970s - to be part of the political process; to break the cycle of oppression and gain lost dignity; to have the same opportunity as anyone else . . . with freedom of speech, freedom of association, national leadership open to anyone without distinction as in any democracy” – have been resolved. All those battles led the nation to where it is today (italics ours)”.

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Abraham M. Keita: A Journey from Slum to Stardom

Laureate Leymah Gbowee and Laureate Abraham M. Keita The clock was ticking towards a new day for thousands of Liberian Children. Africa’s first independent nation was gradually propelling to an admirable height of universal honor and respect. It was time to send a memo of hope to children living in slum communities and appalling conditions. It was a defining occasion to rekindle the spirit of self-confidence. It was a grand beginning to either embrace optimism or pessimism. A spectacular moment to choose between possibilities and impossibilities. The world stood still watching with amazement an inspiring journey of a teenage boy whose passion for humanity led him out of the slum to prominence.

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Minister Likens Grand Gedeans to Chicken Rogues, Accused

The Grand Gedeh County Council of Elders and the citizens of the County, individually and collectively, in this public manner, Commend, belatedly, and Extend to the nation’s President, Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, sincere greetings, wishes of good health and prosperity, now, and the years to come, for her wisdom in showing the Honorable, Morris M. Dukuly, the door, so to speak, for the second time – first, as Minister of State for Presidential Affairs and second, now, as Minister of State for Internal Affairs, both in her administration of Government.

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Vision and Strategies Fail?

Given the amount of precious time, energy, efforts or resources utilized to conceptualize what is perceived as fantastic vision and strategies, would the term fiasco possibly be the end result? Unquestionably, the answers will be in the affirmative and at the same time sounds ironical.

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