The Old New Financial Risk

WASHINGTON, DC – The main financial risk facing the United States today looks very similar to what caused so much trouble in 2007-2008: big banks with too much debt and too little equity capital on their balance sheets. Uneven global regulations, not to mention regulators who fall asleep at the wheel, compound this structural vulnerability.

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A Global Marshall Plan

ROME – Despite ongoing efforts to catalyze global development cooperation, there have been significant obstacles to progress in recent years.

Fortunately, with major international meetings set for the second half of 2015, world leaders have an important opportunity to overcome them.

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Climate Change and the Catholic Church

ROME – Pope Francis is calling on the world to take action against global warming, and many conservatives in the United States are up in arms. 

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Escaping the Middle East’s Violence Trap

OXFORD – The Arab world and its neighbors are stuck in a violence trap. The fighting in Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Iraq, together with the predations of groups like the Islamic State, is destroying the economic links needed to ensure long-term political stability.

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The Health Benefits of Fighting Climate Change

LIMA – Governments often see climate change as too costly to address. In fact, it is too costly to ignore. That is why the World Health Organization (WHO), for example, has linked the prevention of disastrous climate change to “immediate health benefits and health cost savings” from the reduction of air pollution.

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