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Montserrado wins first championship after 63 years

Following a complete lion fight between Montserrado and Maryland Counties on Sunday, 15 December, Montsorrado won its first championship against Maryland in Liberia’s National County Sports Meet.

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Liberian signs 2-year deal in U.S.

A Liberian footballer based in the United States Emmanuel N. Elkins has signed a two-year deal with Maryland Blues – an American 2nd division club.

Maryland blues (previously of LFK Maryland) is a professional football club that is registered under the US soccer Federation and plays in the American soccer league (ASL) and the Maryland Mayor Soccer league.
Prior to the summer, the club has since made the player as prime target and wasted no time but to offer the lad a two-year contract.
According to a dispatch from the U.S., Emmanuel was signed based on his skills, speed and good goal scoring ability, which the club believes will add extra impetus to their attacking prowess during the current season.

The president of Maryland blues describes Elkins as a very talented and skillful player, who can penetrate any defense at any time, and is a good friend to the goal poles, adding that he has the ability to make his attacking partners to score to keep the opponent’s defense very busy and cause the more twists during the 90th minute.“We are happy to get him, we believed he is an asset to our team and he will grow as a player.”

However, the Blues lost their first game of the season away 1-0, but the young Liberian did not feature in the match due to incomplete registration.  Meanwhile, the club has reportedly valued the player as US$100, 0000.00 (one million United States dollars) if any club comes in for his signature.

Elkins, 23, said: “I'm so restful and grateful to God almighty for my dream comes through in America to be a registered player in the soccer federation and player with a great value.” He played three (3) games with four (4) goals within two weeks.The young Liberian made his way to the USA last year and began playing with the Liberian community all-star team Debamu FC.

In July this year, he was invited on trial by Swedish club Orebo. He said signing for a two-year deal with the Maryland Blues is due to hard work, discipline, commitment and his footballing talent exemplified over the years with previous clubs.

Emmanuel hails Bong Mines, Bong County, Central Liberia. He began his playing career from high school with the Billie Christian institute and the St. Peter's Lutheran High School on 14th Street in Sinkor, Monrovia. He also played in the Liberian subcommittee league with 3rd division Powerful Vision of Jacob Town in Paynesville before leaving for the United States in 2015.


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Liberia, Morocco Clash Today

Liberia’s National Football team- the Lone Star, will today lock horns with their Morocco counterparts in the City of Casablanca. According to the Liberia Football Association, the Lone Star will meet with a feeler National Team of Morocco in preparation for their African cup of nation game against Tunisia.

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Mighty Barrolle get L$100,000 fine

The Liberia Football Association or LFA has fined Mighty Barrolle Sport Association 100,000 Liberian dollars, an equivalent of US$1,042 for fans invasion during the final game between Barrolle and Monrovia Club Breweries.

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Referees told to uphold integrity

The vice president of the Liberia Football Association Musa Shannoh stressed the need for referees in the country to hold their integrity in high esteem, adding that integrity comes first on the job.

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