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A Bull Named Trump in a Shop Called China

CAMBRIDGE – Some of US President-elect Donald Trump’s nastiest attacks have been directed at China. He has accused it of “raping” the United States with its trade policies, and of creating global warming as a “hoax” to undermine US competitiveness. Why, then, are many Chinese policy advisers and commentators sanguine about future US-China relations?

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Charting Our AI Future

OXFORD – Galileo viewed nature as a book written in the language of mathematics and decipherable through physics. His metaphor may have been a stretch for his milieu, but not for ours. Ours is a world of digits that must be read through computer science.

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Sex, Lies, and Leadership

LONDON – News events can often serve as important catalysts for introspection, not least for members of company boards. Recent revelations of the Russian government’s involvement in hacking into the Democratic National Committee’s computer system – just two years after North Korea’s hack of Sony Pictures – has spurred a push in boardrooms around the world to tighten their organizations’ cyber security.

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The Promise of Ethical Machines

STORRS, CONNECTICUT – The prospect of artificial intelligence (AI) has long been a source of knotty ethical questions. But the focus has often been on how we, the creators, can and should use advanced robots. What is missing from the discussion is the need to develop a set of ethics for the machines themselves, together with a means for machines to resolve ethical dilemmas as they arise. Only then can intelligent machines function autonomously, making ethical choices as they fulfill their tasks, without human intervention.

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Mount Coffee Project – A Promise Fulfilled

News that Liberia’s much awaited power plant project (Mount Coffee Hydro) destroyed during the civil war has finally been revamped to meet some of the country’s growing demands for energy use is not only a promise fulfilled by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s administration, but also one of the proudest moments for Liberia since the return of peace almost two decades ago.

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