In Defense of Varoufakis

LONDON – From blaming him for the renewed collapse of the Greek economy to accusing him of illegally plotting Greece’s exit from the eurozone, it has become fashionable to disparage Yanis Varoufakis, the country’s former finance minister. While I have never met or spoken to him, I believe that he is getting a bad rap (and increasingly so).

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Latin America’s Anti-Corruption Crusade

MEXICO CITY –Even as much of Latin America engages in almost hyperbolic celebrations over the renewed diplomatic ties between Cuba and the United States, the continentis facing two major challenges.

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What the Greek and Iranian Deals Are Not

PARIS – This month’s agreements on the Greek crisis and Iran’s nuclear program are undoubtedly important achievements. But the comparisons that have accompanied both deals have tended toward hyperbole, impeding rational discussion of their implications for Europe, the Middle East, and the prospects for international diplomacy.

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Europe’s Digital Wrong Turn

STOCKHOLM – When it comes to crafting good digital policy, Europe has failed its first big test. In May, the European Commission announced that it would create a unified digital market of 500 million consumers that would add €415 billion ($463 billion) to the European Union’s GDP and create some 3.8 million jobs. Unfortunately, a recent decision on one key digital issue – data privacy – threatens to derail that effort.

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Europe’s Airpocalypse

SINGAPORE – European policymakers like to lecture the rest of the world on air pollution. Asia, and China in particular, is a favorite target for criticism.

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