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Rev. Sandy bounces back for 2017

Rev. Kennedy Sandy, one of the key attractions of the 2011 presidential and legislative election says he’s back to contest the 2017 Presidential elections.Rev. Sandy who announces his return today to lead the Liberian Transformation Party or LTP, to the 2017 elections first made his debut appearance on the Liberian political landscape in 2011.

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Education is not a requirement for elected post

The ex-wife of imprisoned former president Charles Ghankay Taylor, nowBong County Sen. Jewel Howard Taylor says “education is not arequirement for people desiring elected offices “from the Presidency down to the Legislature.”

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Youth leader arrested for sex with teenage boy

Police Spokesman DCP Sam Collins says investigators at the Women and Children Protection Section of the Liberian National Police are interrogating the head of the Liberian Youth Network Mr. Mawolo Kpadeh for an alleged sexual intercourse with a teenage boy. Mr. Collins told reporters at the Police Headquarters on Capitol Hill Thursday, 27 October that 40 year - old suspect Kpadeh was arrested on Wednesday, 26 October in Margibi County based on a complaint filed by the victim’s parents over the alleged sexual abuse of their 16 year -old son.

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Court to auction impounded truck

A Scania dump truck color (blue and yellow) with license plate TT-1317 recently impounded by the Paynesville Magisterial Court for alleged involvement in the crime of misapplication of entrusted property and theft of property is to be auctioned in 15 days, if its proprietor failed to restitute US$3,000 to complainant Kingston Duwaty.

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Education is most powerful tool for development

The Acting Chairman of the Solidarity Alliance Congress or SAC, Gonpue Emmanuel A. Rogers has noted that education is the most powerful tool that any country can use for development.

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