US 200,000 chokes senators

The Presiding Officer for the Liberian Senate, Senator H. Dan Morias has denied claims made by both Speaker J. Alex Tyler and Deputy Speaker Hans Barchue that the Senate received US$200,000 for the 2014 nationwide oil consultations that were conducted by the House of Representatives.

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LACC clarifies, but...

The Liberia Anti Corruption Commission or LACC says it has not conducted an audit of how the Ebola money was spent here but rather it did an assessment of the systems and procedures used in the handling of Ebola resources by government ministries and agencies.

"This exercise is not an audit," LACC Commissioner for Education, Aba Dolo told the New Dawn Managing Editor via mobile phone and later by emails.

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Blind people suffer police brutality

Just as Liberians from all of walks of life, including government officials, foreign dignitaries, business partners and students converged Monday at the Capitol to listen to President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s Annual Message or ‘state of the nation address’ some visually impaired citizens also came up; not so much for their interest in the message, but to find an opportunity to meet the President and explain their plight.

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Pres. Sirleaf expresses gratitude

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has expressed gratitude to the international community for standing by Liberia in the wake of the deadly disease.

“We want to pay tribute to our African brothers and sisters, to the countries that stood by us and came to our rescue when everything seemed to be lost”, President Sirleaf expressed on Monday, 26 January when she delivered her Annual Message on the State of the Republic before the Liberian Legislature.

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Ebola faces total eradication

-as Government declares 13 counties Ebola freed

The Government of Liberia’s Incident Management System on the Ebola Virus Disease has declared 13 of the country’s 15 political subdivisions Ebola free, while Grand Cape Mount County, which had renewed outbreak, has gone 12days without any new cases, and Montserrado had two confirmed cases three days ago in the St. Paul Bridge community on Bushrod Island, suburb of the capital.

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