Executive Mansion reacts

Office of the Press Secretary to the President has strongly rejected media reports that the President is “shielding corruption” when she asked leaders of the Liberian media to analyze the recent audit Report of the Ebola Trust Fund by the General Auditing Commission (GAC) in the context of the extreme emergency with which the nation was confronted.

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President writes plenary

A loan agreement, signed between Liberia and the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa or BADEA, has been submitted to the House of Representatives for ratification.

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MCSS bans church worship on school campuses

The Monrovia Consolidated School System or  MCSS has banned worship  services by churches on its school facilities around Monrovia. Superintendent Benjamin Jacobs said the restriction should not be misconstrued as being against the work of God, but it necessary because the school facilities were being misused. 

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More separate trials in NOCAL case

More separate trials are being granted in the course of several weeks of formalities to commence hearing charges against nine indicted former officials and board members of the lucrative National Oil Company of Liberia or NOCAL.

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Christians, Muslims not fighting


In the wake of growing mix-public reactions for or against a recent majority vote validating Liberia as a Christian State, a Vice President for the Liberia Council of Churches has cautioned citizens that “Christians and Muslims are not fighting,” saying, the idea of Christian State did not come from the LCC.

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