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“Bunch of Lies”- Executive Mansion Damns Media

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“Bunch of Lies”- Executive Mansion Damns Media

The Executive Mansion has angrily rubbished local newspapers’ reports suggesting in Liberia that US President Barrack Obama has slumped President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf in Washington D.C., over alleged unsettled human rights conflicts here.

Presidential Press Secretary Jerolinmick M. Piah told a news conference at the Ministry of Information Thursday on Capitol Hill that two local dailies, FrontpageAfrica and Informer, lied to the public when they published here that the Liberian leader was denied meeting with the US President in Washington.

“What has been published by FrontpageAfrica and the Informer Newspapers are nothing but just bunch of lies. While would people be witchful-thinking of their leaders…?” said Piah.

Piah argued that the papers’ publications were based on a gossip published in an online news media called Horizon News which he said, was also quoting another source’s account, alleging that President Sirleaf may not have the opportunity to meet with Obama over alleged declining relations.

The apparently disappointed presidential spokesman said whatever affects the Liberian leader in the diplomatic cycles would definitely have  trigger down effects on the entire country, thus, questioning why some individuals would chose to thread down the path of witchful-thinking of the country’s leadership, while government strives towards progress.

Besides, Piah told journalists that President Sirleaf’s trip was not in Washington as claimed by the papers; instead, he revealed that the Liberian leader had gone to address a conference organized by a news magazine in New York where the world’s billionaires would consider helping Liberia following her presentation.

Already, Piah said President Sirleaf on Wednesday addressed the conference, but insists that there were no such reports of her denial to meet with the US President.

In further disagreeing with the local dailies’ gossip, Piah revealed that President Sirleaf will be among world leaders at the pending G-8 Summit slated for mid June, where he said both Presidents Sirleaf and Obama will be the two panelists.

Piah said after President Sirleaf’s presentation at the G-8 Summit in Africa, US President Barrack Obama will then make his presentation. As such, he wondered why the world leaders would choose to mingle the two presidents if there was any truth in the reports that Obama did not want to meet with President Sirleaf.


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