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Mayor Broh Rescues Grace Kpaan

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Mayor Broh Rescues Grace Kpaan

If anyone thought Monrovia City Mayor Mary Broh would have exhibited the highest degree of violence in obstructing justice that would have been the actual reality. Just anywhere and at any time ‘Gen’ Broh would perform in a typical Hollywood style.

At the Monrovia Central Prison just after 6 pm at the time Montserrado County Superintendent Grace Kpaan was about to be thrown into jail, Mayor Broh, alias General Broh bull-dozed her way in a “Chuck Norris-led rescue operations in Delta Force” just at the entrance of the prison Compound on Center Street, South Beach in Monrovia.

Away Gen. Broh took Supt. Kpaan after weakening Sergeant-At-Arm, General Martin Johnson to the amazement of residents of the community and other onlookers.

Grace Kpaan was ordered imprisoned by members of the House of Representatives despite her initial defiant posture against the House in the wake of her corruption stand-off with the Montserrado County Legislative Caucus.

She should have served a 72-hour jail sentence for her failure to implement the mandates of the House of Representatives, but thanks to the violent intervention of the Monrovia City Mayor backed by some women and men believed to have been dispatched from the Executive Protective Service of the Executive Mansion.

In reaction to last evening’s  action of Mary Broh, the House of Representatives will this morning sit in an emergency session on Capitol. But considering nature and attitude of members of the House towards past issues which affects the socio-economic well-being of the people they claim to represent, they are again bound to submit to inducements.

Superintendent Kpaan, who secretly recorded the infamous “you eat some-I eat some and the minister eat some” voice of Representative Edward Forh of Electoral District 16 of Montserrado County, regarding the personal use of US$400,000 of the county development funds,

deliberately refused to restitute scholarship fees totaling US$50,000, as well as  open a single account for the county development fund as mandated by them. The lawmakers of the House of Representatives took the decision during the full Thursday sitting of plenary- the highest decision-making body of the House.

The lawmakers, in plenary, accused Madam Kpaan of misapplying US$50,000 allotted for scholarships; as well as suspending the Projects Management Committee Chairman and refusing to open a single account for the county development fund, further complaining that the attitude of the Montserrado County Superintendent was hampering the development agenda of the county at the expense of the happiness of the people.

At the end of the House’s intervention, however, House Speaker Alex Tyler mandated the Superintendent, as an initial step, to reinstate the suspended Chairman of the Projects Management Committee and refund the US$50,000.00, which she admitted using under the county’s operational budget without the knowledge of the county’s Legislative caucus.

The Financial Management Laws of Liberia provides that the PMC chair be privy to such expenditures. Plenary also mandated the superintendent to provide to the body, on January 22, 2013, data on all project proposals submitted to her office by the county’s 19 lawmakers, admonishing her to implement the mandate in its entirety or resign her post.

She is reported to have implemented no aspect of the decisions of plenary, prompting Speaker Tyler to compel her to write a communication immediately restating the suspended PMC chairman. She reportedly wrote the reinstatement letter, using equipment in the office of the chief clerk of the House of Representatives.

Following the expiration of the ultimatum date, which ended yesterday, the House without delay through the motion by Nimba County Representative Jeremiah Koung, voted overwhelmingly in committing the Montserrado County Superintendent to a 72-hour jail sentence at the Monrovia Prison.

Grace Kpaan is the second of two superintendents of Montserrado County to suffer such humiliation from the House of Representatives-the first being Beauty Barcon for similar reasons.


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