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Principles That Work in the Business World

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Principles That Work in the Business World

The traditional views of business I believe may be responsible for many people not taking advantage of the opportunity to get in to business for one reason or another. There are some who may have believed that you needed to have a business degree before you would be qualified to open your own business or you need money, or special skills and so on. This is not quite true. All that you need to begin your quest for getting into business is the desire.

Desire has the power to cause your imagination to begin to expand and cause any person to become creative.  You have been blessed with gifts and abilities and all that you have can be organize into a worthwhile operation, which can bring profit to you. With desire, you will begin to discover some of the most exciting possibilities that are available to you. The only thing between you and your dream is you not money or opportunity or whatever other excuses that you might decide to come up with.

Liberia is truly a virgin country when it comes to business and it is only those who have eyes will see the many opportunities that are around us in this country. Honestly speaking, there are many who have eyes here in Liberia but there are very few that see the many opportunities for business in this country. This supports the reason while there are very few Liberians that are involved into business in Liberia today.

In time past Liberians looked at the business world as a totally different world in which they do not belong. They saw it as something they cannot be engaged into-something only belonging to foreigners or to a very few. Others also saw it as something they could be engaged in, only to supplement their family income while seeking employment or that they are already employed with government, companies, etc. Business then wasn’t looked at, by many Liberians, as an employment, profession or occupation. But indeed it is.

Thanks to those Liberians whom have waking up to a whole new world of business in Liberia and are taking advantage of the many opportunities it offers. Those that have grasped the vision, that indeed business is employment, a profession or occupation. The business world, of course, has an exciting rewards and it can be the answer to most of your life’s problems. Friend, I want you to know that it is the real players in business or the private sector that create jobs and make major decisions on the economy the world over.

My fellow Liberians, what are the foreigners and aliens seeing here in this country that we, as Liberians, are not seeing? I hear potential Liberians almost on a daily basis complaining about the economy, complaining about hardship in Liberia when there are opportunities everywhere around us. All you need to do is to open your eyes and look. You will not see those opportunities until you look-until you put on a new perspective and see things differently from others. You will not have to not see as others are seeing. You will have to change your methods-your ways of doing things. You will have to use proven techniques/tactics and strategies that work. You will need to have a strong conviction about what it is you are going into.

.Recognize that you are going into business and must be passionate about it. Let your intensions be cleared and your motives pure. Believe that you can succeed in business in Liberia in the face of tradition, a bad economy and lack of money. Let your vision be different from others. Know that your purpose for going into business is to succeed and make profits and not the opposite. Put on a different attitude from others. Think differently from others. Do not allow the economy, the lack of money or traditional views of business to stop you.

On a very serious note, I know of a few countries whose citizens are willing to pay some extra amounts of money to Liberians in those countries only to have them brought here to Liberia so that they will take advantage of the business opportunities available here in Liberia. This is true. Do not only take my word, but ask Liberians who have lived outside of this country, they will tell you. And so why are you crying? Why are you sleeping or complaining? All you need to do is to look around and you will see endless opportunities available here in this Country. Put your brains to work and I promise you my friend, the sky will be your limit.

Friend, the government will not do it for you neither your friends nor your family. You will have to do it yourself.

The key to business is being able to provide some product or service that will enhance or improve the quality of life for the people around you, or the people somewhere around the world. So it doesn’t really matter what you choose to do, as long as you are providing something that people need and want, then you have everything necessary to go into business. The key here is this ‘’if you give enough people what they want, then you will always get what you want’’.

Friend, business involves a solution of a problem in order to achieve a result. This then requires the provision of a service that has to be paid for as a good business must generate some profit. The interesting scenario is that life will always be full of problems that require solutions and as you have a solution to someone else’s problem you are into business already. All you need to do is to identify the problem and provide the solution.

Dear reader, self-development plays an important part in your staying on in business. You will need to have traits of a mature self- actualizing person. With this you must accept reality and be facts friendly. You must be able to see through flattery, deception and must be able to cope with problems rather than avoid them. You will have to accept yourself and others as well as connect with people on the way to actualizing your vision, and to contribute to others too.

Friend, everyone has a talent that the world is waiting to be discovered and unleashed for full manifestation. Liberia, our country has vast potentials. What that is truly missing is developing those potentials. Once you discover your talent, and convert it into a business, life becomes more meaningful. Take a careful look at musicians, actors and actresses, comedians, they have all been able to discover their talents and have converted their talents into business that they are surviving by. Take a look at who you are and look on the inside. There is something that is on the inside of you, wanting to come on the outside for full manifestation-something that will get the world’s attention to you. Discover it!

The key to success in business is the generation and management of information and there are two things that will help you in your life development process-the people you interact with and the books you read. Friend, interact and network with people. Develop a reading habit. Continuous education is also an important success factor in your business success. If you do not have money to enter a university, take a business course some where you know they are offering it. You can also attend business workshops and seminars or get to someone who has been successful in business and ask them for advice-ask them to be your mentor. Added to the above is the knowledge of information technology. Friend, if you are not computer literate you simply cannot compete in the business of today.

The people in business deserve the highest honor and reward from the society because they are the people who are responsible for every aspect of life that we all enjoy. For example, we are all grateful to the inventor and manufacture of the light bulb that provides us with light when it is dark. There are so many other business people involved with getting a product like the light bulb and electric generating sets to us who are the end users. There are many other products and services that we have and enjoy because of the creativity and determination of those in business.

However, there is no free launch. You will only get out of life what you demand from life. Whatever you believe will happen. If you believe that you can never become a business owner then you will never become a business owner. If you believe that you will never become rich because nobody in your family has ever been rich then you will never become rich. But if you believe that all things are possible to them that believe, then everything you desire is possible and will happen for you only if you believe.

The greatest miracle of all is that your destiny, for the most part, rest with you. You are your own best friend or worst enemy. All of the wonderful things of this world are available to you, but only if you desire them and go after them to possess them. As it is said’’ you are the master of your fate and the captain of your ship’’.

So, as you read this article, it is important for you to know that what you do with the information that you are receiving will determine what your financial situation will become. Remember that time marches on and opportunity waits for no one. You are the only one who has the absolute power over what you do next, you and only you!

About the Author:
(Chealy Brown Dennis is a marketing and business development consultant. He is also a highly sought after motivational speaker and offers training in leadership and organizational development, creative sales, strategic planning, team building, wealth creation and personal development. He can be contacted through email at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or on phone at: 0886-264-611)


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