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Business, Creative Thinking & Power of Imagination

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Business, Creative Thinking & Power of Imagination

I first of all want you to know that no nation can ever become great unless many of its citizens are wealthy. And if you really love Liberia, then it is your responsibility to become wealthy. All you have to do is focus on providing some useful product or services to people and they will gladly pay for it.

here is hunger everywhere for new ideas and new ways to do things that we do, the product that we buy. The field is so wide open for the person who applies his or her imagination or creativity. Friend, the world will make room for you at the banquet table of kings if you use your gifts and talents that God has given you.

What is business? Business is simply any operation that provides products or services in exchange for a proper fee. It doesn’t matter whether this transaction takes place in front of your house or in the streets, as long as there was a product provided by one party and there was payment made by the other party, the transaction was a business transaction.

The very purpose of your involving into business is to fine joy and happiness. If you lose your joy and happiness in business you will not bear much fruit from your labor. This also applies to the very purpose of our existence.  And so what is the secret of having continued joy and happiness in our lives and in our business? The secret is to always do one’s best to live a creative life. A life which is not creative is not a happy life. A businessman who is not creative or who does not use his imagination will soon fail in business.

Those who run successful businesses or companies do not work only for the purpose of eating three meals a day. If that were the case, they wouldn’t have to struggle to run such a large business or company. Such people overcome various obstacles and continue to expand their business because they find immense creative pleasure in their business. We can find happiness when we live creative lives. As a businessman or an organizational leader, you must continue to strive and live a creative life as long as you live.

Today, a good number of Liberians spent their time indulging in some bad acts. Some steel. Some get themselves involved in armed robbery, etc. This is simply because they have stopped living creative lives. When they lost their joy in life because they stopped being creative, they felt immense boredom, they indulge in these acts which lead to self-destruction. Friend, Liberia is becoming increasingly confused because many have stopped living creative lives.

Many of our business and organizational leaders today have become incompetent because they have lost their creativity. Since many have lost their creativity, they turn their attention to politics or social philosophy, which only brings confusion and chaos to their business or organizational establishments. For the businessman or organizational leader who have found joy in his heart through creative work will wisely use his time. When you establish a goal as a businessman and accomplish it through creating ideas, you will have joy and satisfaction. Then you can establish a new goal for another work and strive for it.

I encourage you to establish your goal and remember it every walking moment and when you reach it, set your eyes on a new goal. When you do so, your very business will become your joy and happiness. Those who do not work with a creative attitude in their business but only do so for the purpose of being able to eat three meals a day will most assuredly fail. Such people lack creativity, which keeps them from self-improvement and makes them feel inferior.

And so what attitude must you adopt when you work together as businessmen and organizational leaders, believing that something can be done through productive and creative thinking?

First, you must abandon your traditional ways of thinking. When it comes to human beings, there is no such thing as perfection. We can always be changed for the better. As a businessman, you must not let tradition bog you down but be ready to revolutionize your thoughts. When you are restrained by tradition, you will find yourself unable to change and become stagnant. It is the same with an organization. When it stresses only tradition, it can remain static and stop its growth. With new ideas and thoughts, you, as a leader, must be willing to make changes.

Second, you must always be willing to accept new ideas in your heart and mind as a businessman. When someone presents a new idea to you, rather than immediately arguing about its merit and feasibility, you must first listen to the whole idea and give it some thoughts. Only such person can become one who dreams and thinks creatively.

Third, as a businessman, you must always have the courage to start something new. When you step back in surrender, even without making an attempt, you cannot expect something creative nor productive.

Fourth, as a businessman, you must always have a progressive way of thinking. It is only those who develop and improve themselves with a progressive way of thinking can stay ahead of others whether in politics, economics, education, culture or business.

Friend, you should always keep these four points in mind so that your business or organization will grow and prosper. Never stop thinking of new ways to improve and enhance your business or organization. Be confident that your business or organization will grow even larger. Although it may seem quite impossible for your business to serve all or for your organization to accommodate more members than your organization currently has, be positive that there will be a way to do so if you get out of the traditional ways.

For new ideas and new directions in your business or organization, you need to have brainstorming sessions. Every person’s idea is worthy to be considered. When someone has an idea no matter who it may be, rather than ignoring the idea, you must first listen carefully to see whether it can be applied to your business or organization. If you discard the idea without giving it a careful thought, it is a great mistake.

As a businessman and organizational leader, it is your imagination and creativity that will take you down the road to a better next month, a better future for your business and/or your organization. Don’t ever say, “It can’t be done.” If you are stuck in some problems, think of new ways to free yourself. When you so readily proclaim, “impossible,” you will only block your imagination and the power of your creativity from removing the obstacle.

Don’t give up easily under any circumstances, but go forward with a progressive way of thinking. Don’t let traditions and old ways of doing things become a hindrance. You must abandon them and let new ideas and creativity become your new wings.  When you do so, you will find your business or organization bearing abundant fruit.

Know this friend, your creativity and imagination can take you to the top if you are starting a business without money. The only thing that can limit you is you. Your success in business does not depend on the color of your skin, your educational level, your family background, or your current financial status. The only thing that is required is a strong desire to develop and provide some kind of useful product or service to the public.

Friend, look around you today and find something useful to do. Provide a useful service to that man, to that woman, or to that neighbor. Use your imagination and creativity. Put that brain to work and I can promise you that the sky will be your limit.

About the Author:
(Chealy Brown Dennis is a marketing and business development consultant. He is also a highly sought after motivational speaker and offers training in leadership and organizational development, creative sales, strategic planning, team building, wealth creation and personal development. He can be contacted through email at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or on phone at: 0886-264-611)


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