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Rep. Gray Under Attack

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Rep. Gray Under Attack

A civil society group, Citizens United for Progress (CUP) has launched a stinking attacked against Montserrado County Electoral District #8 Rep. Acarous Gray, terming his actions as disappointment and bewilderment to democracy and reasons he was elected for.

A group of Montserrado County District #8 residents, under the banner district's Citizens United for Progress, called for the immediate and unconditional resignation of Representative Gray, on grounds that he has failed the district miserably.

In a release issued on Wednesday, the group described Representative Gray as an "unworthy statesman" who has embraced "all the ugly national vices he once preached against."

The Concern Citizens' released was signed by its Executive Director Samuel Seakor, accusing Rep. Gray of refusing to impact the lives of his constituents, despite receiving US$15,345.00 monthly for the purpose.

It added that since the exposure of the total compensation package of Rep. Gray and his colleagues, his temper and resentments have gone wide with lawmaker looking for someone to blame rather than the Ministry of Finance.

“He has done everything to attack Finance Minister Amara Konneh and his colleagues, including organizing young and innocent men to engage in acts of insults and hooliganism in front of the Ministry of Finance”, the release said.

"The citizens of District #8 have come to the realization that Representative Gray is shameless, dishonest, and self-centered, to the detriment of the people who elected him to power in 2011," the group said without saying to which projects the representative failed to apply the amount.

It also did not say who was providing the money to Representative Gray or whether he was slated to account for it at any point during the fiscal year.

Despite the omissions, the group pressed ahead in its charge against the legislator,  who while playing the role of political activist for the opposition Congress for Democratic Change prior to his election in 2011, had heaved similar summary allegations of corruption against the Sirleaf Administration, and demanded its resignation based on those allegations.

"He has not submitted any report to the district. He is disappointing and insincere to us. Though he is receiving US$ 2,500.00 monthly for capacity building, Representative Gray is yet to initiate such program for us.

He is getting US $750.00 monthly for housing, but [he] still resides in one room on Capitol-Bye-Pass. He takes US $7,000.00 for foreign travel monthly; but [he] stays here all through. [He is getting] US $5,000.00 monthly for domestic allowance, yet he has no humanitarian program," the group charged further.

Meanwhile, Rep. Gray has termed the group as paid agents of Finance Minister Konneh to attack his hard earned character.


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