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Business and Leadership Secrets - Final Part

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Business and Leadership Secrets - Final Part

Before beginning this series, I first of all want to give glory to our Father in heaven for HIS continue grace and mercy upon my life. I also want to take this time to thank all those of you that have called as well as written us from within and outside of Liberia. Your feedback and comments are well received. I want to say a big THANK you to you all.

Secret No. 13- Learn To Offer Incentives

Friend, it is always important to reward those who help you succeed. Understand that people are motivated by two forces: pain or pleasure, fear or reward, loss or gain. Learn to use reward and incentive to motivate people. You are created with a desire to increase. Decrease is unnatural. Remember, every person you meet today has an appetite for increase. They want to be benefited. There is nothing wrong with that. There is a God-given command on the inside of each person to become more, to multiply.

Friend, carefully examine the benefits you offer to others. Who needs your products? Why do they need it? What problem will your product solve in their life? What do you offer others that they cannot find anywhere else?

Study the incentives of your present business. Know them “like the palm of your hand.” Understand this friend-people never buy your product for the reasons you sell it. They buy products for what it will do for them. Understand that people do things for different reasons. Interview people. Ask questions. Find out what their greatest fears may be.

Remember, you are there to solve a problem. Take the time to show others “what is in it for them.” Make sure they understand the rewards and benefits of conducting business with you.

Secret No. 14 - Never Dwells On Your Past

Understand that your past is over. Having self doubt is common. Some of the reasons you doubt may be a limited education, losing a closed loved one when you were young, or guilt over a serious mistake you made in your teenage years. But whatever the reason, it is very important that you remember your past is over.

Never build your future around your past. Never look back. Never discuss the situation with anyone. You can move beyond the scars of yesterday. Stop talking about your limited education. Quit complaining that everyone in your family is poor. Stop repeating stories of those who failed you. Stop pointing your finger at the economy.

Stop advertising your pain. Stop meditating on your flaws. Everyone has limitations. Each of us is handicapped in some way: Physically. Emotionally. Mentally. Spiritually.

Friend, concentrate on your future.

Secret No. 15-Never Waste Time Answering Critics

Critics are spectators, not players. Critical people are usually disheartened people who have failed to reach a desire goal. A former lecturer of mine once said “criticism is the death gargle of non-achiever.

Have you ever seen a monument built to a critic? Never have I seen one.

Critical people are disappointed people. They are disillusioned and unfocused people. They are hurting inside. They build their life trying to destroy others. Move away from them.

Don’t get me wrong, debate is a marvelous arena. But there is a place to present facts. There is a time for exchange of information. Constructive suggestions are always pursued by champions. Friend, know that there is also a time for silence.

Dear reader, you owe nothing to a critic. The greatest and most widely read book on planet earth, the bible, puts it this way “Speak not in the ears of a fool: for he will despise the wisdom of thy words. (Proverbs 23:9)

Criticism is deadly. Correction is life. Criticism is pointing out your flaws. Correction is pointing out your potential.

I have seen many in Liberia used up all their time, energy and available resources to reply to a critic. They toiled over their replies and would erased words and write new sentences. It take them hours of exhausting work to carefully carved out a decent reply to a critic when they have never spent an hour to write the most important person in their life-their mother, let alone their wife-but would spent that much time on a critic.

Friend, ignore critics.

Secret No. 16- Know The Right Time To Approach People

There is a time for everything. There is a right time to approach people.

You cannot ask for a raise to your boss when you have just made a terrible mistake that cost the company US$10, 000. That is not the right time to approach him about your raise. But if the company has just experienced incredible profits because of an idea you share with your boss that might be the proper climate and atmosphere to discuss it with him.

Friend, understand timing. There is a time to ask and there is time to be silent. There is a time to make presentations to people. There is a time to wait. People are in different seasons of their lives. Moods change. Circumstances affect their decision. Be sensitive to this.

It is a rare husband who can anticipate the moods and needs of his wife and respond appropriately. It is a brilliant teenager who knows and understands proper timing in discussing problems with his parents.

Understand this friend. Your success depends on timing. Don’t forget it! Whether you are selling to a customer or sitting at the discussion table with your boss, remain sensitive. Observe. Watch. Listen to the flow of information and what is going on.

Secret No. 17- Educate Those You Are Mentoring

Friend, you will always remember what you teach. It is very important that you mentor someone. Train them. Teach them what you know-especially those over whom you have authority, any person who is carrying out an instruction for you, such as employees, children, and so on.

Successful businesses have employees who are informed, well trained, and confident about carrying out their instructions. This takes time. It takes energy. It takes great patience.

Every song needs a singer. Every achiever needs motivation. Every student needs a teacher. Friend, be a teacher. Sit with those you mentor and feed information into them. Motivate them, influence them, and inspire them. It is important that you do it because none of us were born with great knowledge. You became what you are. You discovered what you know. It took time, energy, and learning.

Your staff will not know everything. They may not see what you see. They may not feel what you feel. They may not have discovered what you know. You must invest time to nurture their vision, their product knowledge, and the rewards you want them to pursue.

You need good people around you. You need inspired people around you. You need informed people around you. You may be their only source of information and motivation. Make it a part of your leadership to educate your staff. You must constantly motivate the people you lead by showing them the future of their present commitment.

Friend, take the time to train others.

Secret No.18 - Refused To Be Discouraged When Others Misjudged Your Motives

Your own family may misjudge your motives. Any person who carries out instructions for you may misjudge your actions. Know that everyone has been misjudged. You boss might misread you. Customers may doubt your sincerity. Don’t be discouraged by that. Take the time to discuss your position with those who appear genuinely sincere. Do not waste your time and energy on those who are merely stirring up conflict.

When you speak to others, be concise. Be bold but very distinct in what you say. Do not leave room for misunderstanding. Always be where you are. When you are in a conversation with someone, totally focus on what you are saying and hearing, you do not have to reflect later on with regret about that conversation. This can prevent unnecessary misjudgment.

Every extraordinary achiever has been misjudged. People sneered when the telephone was invented. When the Wright brothers talked about a day man would fly, their own father whom had just preached a sermon about angels having wings and flew and would be the only people to ever fly doubted his two sons when they told him about getting man to fly some day. Today we have the airplane. As one of my lecturers puts it-“your success is on the other side of scorn and false accusations. Know this friend.

About the Author: Chealy Brown Dennis - Marketing and Business Development Consultant. He is a motivational speaker and offers training in leadership and organizational development, creative sales, strategic planning, team building, wealth creation and personal development. Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it / phone : 0886-264-611)


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