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LINSU supports educational reforms

The Liberia National Student Union has welcomed current initiative for reforms in the educational sector and is recommending that government through the Ministry of Education should establish a national taskforce to monitor and evaluate educational performances across the country as well as curtail vices such as bribery and sexual exploitation.

Speaking at a press conference Wednesday in Monrovia, LINSU president Varney Jarsey, said since the Liberian Civil War, the sector has suffered serious brain drain and degradation as a result of misfits, who find their way in the system, thereby unleashing serious financial terror in the sector.

He said the issue of bribery and financial misconduct has been seen as worthwhile venture in schools, thereby giving rise to other vices such as sex for grade, dysfunctional library and nonexistent computer laboratory, leading to mass failure by students in public tests, including WAEC, UL Entrance and Placement exams.

LINSU said it cannot and will not accept the present situation facing the educational sector, stressing, “Advancement is a must if we must catch up with our contemporaries around the world.

It therefore, urges all Liberians to embrace the government’s reform measure being recommended to enhance the learning process in Liberia.

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