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Business and Leadership Secrets for Total Success –Pt. 2

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Business and Leadership Secrets for Total Success –Pt. 2

I am grateful to God first and foremost for His grace and secondly to you our readers for your interest, comments and feedbacks.

Secret No. 7- You Possess Something Others Need

You were created to change somebody. Every person you meet today is trying to change their life in some way. They desire excellence. They want freedom. You may not be sent to everyone, but you are definitely sent to someone. You may not be qualified to help every person you meet. But somebody needs something you possess. It may be your love, your gifts or a special opportunity you can provide them.

There are four kinds of people in your life: those who add those who subtract those who divide or those who multiply. Every relation will affect you-for good or bad. Those who do not increase you will inevitably decrease you. Every relationship nurtures strength or a weakness within you.

Thousands of people want to change. They just don’t know how to change. Stop for a moment. What are your own greatest gifts? What is the center of your expertise? Are you a good speaker? Whatever your gift is what the Creator will use to bless you.

Your gift may not be needed by everybody, but it is definitely needed by somebody. You are capable of motivating somebody. Maybe you can provide a climate or atmosphere that unlocks the creativity of another. People want to succeed. People want to improve. Someone has been waiting for you for a lifetime. They are worth pursuing. You are the golden thread missing in their life.

Secret No. 8-Be Willing To Go Where You Have Never Been Before

Geography makes a difference. Apples do well in Europe. They do not do well here in Liberia.  Atmosphere matters. The climate is important for any seed to grow.

You too are a seed. Your business and product are like seeds. However, you may need to change locations and situations to unlock the full potential of your success. Success requires people. You will never succeed without networking with many different kinds of people. They may not be easily accessible. You may have to leave the comforts of your home or office to reach them and achieve extraordinary success.

Some people will not come to where you are. You have to go to their home, their town, and their environment. It is normal to move toward those who are easily accessible. Sometime you have to go somewhere you have never been before you taste the extraordinary success that you want to experience.

Secret No. 9-Never Allow What Others Say About You to Change Your Opinion of Yourself

Consider this for a moment. Almost everyone in your life is more preoccupied with themselves than you. Therefore, you know more about yourself than anyone who will ever meet you. Never forget this. It is not what men say about you that really matters in life. It is what you believe about yourself.

People always resent what they do not understand. The mind will always fight what it cannot master. Never beg anyone to believe in you. Know that integrity cannot be proven, it must be discern. Never waste time with critics. Always keep your attention on your goal and stay focus on your mission. Never strive to look good. Never labor to appear truthful. Never struggle to have good reputation.

Every successful person wants to be loved and admired, but your critics will never leave your reputation unstained and untarnished. You must rise above that fact. You must never allow what others say about you to change your personal opinion about yourself. Never!

Secret No. 10- Learn to Understand Timing and Preparation

Champions are never in a hurry. The quality of preparation determines the quality of performance. Great athletes invest hundreds of hours of practice before a competition. They know that the quality of those many hours of practice will prepare them for their greatest performance. The world heavyweight boxing champion knows he cannot go into the ring with his opponent without preparing first. It would be too late. For many weeks before the great fight, he toils in his morning workout, running, and exercise program.

Champions do not become champions in the ring. They are merely recognized in the ring. Their becoming happens in their daily routine.

Friend, never be in a hurry. Be sensitive about timing. Something good is happening every moment of your life. Something is growing bigger. It may be the seed of patience or a new friendship just birthed. It may also be that the weaknesses of your plans are being revealed. Whatever it is, each season is producing some specific results from your efforts.

Look for the reward of the present season, regardless of whether it appears to be a success or failure. Preparation chapters in your life are not delays in your future success. Each chapter and season has a benefit and a product, if you will look for them.

A brother who requested consultation services with me had at the time entered a business. He was so excited about its remarkable potential. However, he did not want to spend time learning how to present the plan to others. He felt what I had developed for him was just “too detailed.” As I watched him stumble over and over in his conversations, I finally said, “Learn the business. Study the products. Take time to learn the details. If you will take the time to prepare, your presentation will have believability. The people will have confidence in becoming a part of your business. You may not learn all the details the first night you hear them, set aside a few hours each week to begin to prepare your presentation.”

Dear Reader, I want you to know that preparation time is never a wasted time. It will take time to know your business. It will take time to know your product. It will take time to develop a list of customers and clients.

Secret No. 11- Develop A Passion For Your Goals

You will never have significant success with anything until it becomes an obsession with you. Obsession is when something consumes your thoughts and time. Know this reader- passion is power.

You will only be remembered in life for your obsession. Henry Ford, the automobile. Thomas Edison, inventions. The Wright brothers, the airplane - You must have a passion for your mission and goal in life. Your obsession might take you to the out of the way places or it might cause you pains. Keep your focus on your mission and develop a passion for your goals. You may start small. You may start with very little. But if what you love begins to consume your mind, your thoughts, your conversations, your schedule- look for extraordinary success.

Do you dread going to work every morning? Do you anxiously look at the clock toward closing time each afternoon? Is your mind wandering throughout the day toward other places or things you would love to be doing? Then you will probably not have much success at what you are doing.

Secret No. 12- Never Discriminate

Stop prejudging people. Your first impression is always limited. It is possibility very wrong. Only fools make permanent decision without knowledge. Never assume your intuition or perception is always correct. Your success in business will be affected by prejudice, fear, and any discrimination you allow.

Never discriminate because of someone race, sex, financial status, or appearance. Be comfortable in the presence of all- the poor, the fishermen, the rich, the shoe shine boys, the market women or people of lower class.

Let me tell you a short story. During my first visit to Liberia in 2009, a friend of mine who had just arrived from the United States, a week after my arrival, had asked me to accompany him to lookout for a car dealer. (The original purpose for his visit was to see his family and would return back to the States after two weeks.) Our first stop was on the Crown Hill area. As we approached the car dealer’s fence we called the attention of the man sitting behind the table, even though there were some other persons sitting along with him.

My friend and I were in casual wears. I wore a long jeans trouser, a T-Shirt and a Nigerian Palm Slippers while my friend from the States wore a short jeans trouser, a muscle-armed T-Shirt and a European Palm Slippers. As the fellow noticed our dress code-which I definitely believe was his reason for not speaking with us-he asked his gate-man to speak with us. We later asked for the owner as the gate-man pointed to the direction of the man who had just given him instruction. And then we said to the gate-man that we have come to discuss something very important with the owner. As the gate-man called to the owner, he shouted back at the gateman and told him “talk with them.” I later called to the owner to let him know that it is him we want to speak with but he played deaf ear, and so we left. While we were leaving his fence, the owner remarked “I thought that buy they wanted to buy.”

But what the car owner did not know was that an American businessman had discussed with my friend that while he is Liberia he should get in contact with a businessman here in Liberia on his behalf so that they both will get connected and enter into partnership. But because the used car dealer had prejudged us he missed an opportunity of a lifetime.

Lastly, I want you to know that every person contains potential. Never eliminate someone just because of their past. Nobody is ever as they first appear. The man or woman you overlooked today could be your gate way to your success tomorrow.

(Chealy Brown Dennis is a marketing and business development consultant. He also offers training in creative sales, strategic planning, team building, leadership and organizational development. Email at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Mobile: 0886-264-611)


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