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Protesters Warned

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In the wake of recent protests by youth groups to draw international guests’ attention on the negatives of Liberia, a group calling itself Coalition of Youth and Students to Enhance Peace and Democracy in Liberia is warning those involved in such campaign to desist as protests could result to violence.

A release issued in Monrovia by the group’s Chairman Amos B.S. Kanneh on Thursday noted that history has shown that demonstrations, protests and display of placards have not impacted the nation positively, adding  it rather raises the thoughts of the people negatively to the extent that they became violent and destructive.

Kanneh’s comments came in the wake of protest planner Vandalark R. Patricks’ threats on Thursday to use placards to bring down President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, after he was released on bail from the Monrovia Magisterial Court on police charges.

Patrick was arrested on Monday, January 24 after he wrote on facebook, calling on Liberians from all works of life to assemble with placards before international guests at last week’s High Level Panel (HLP) in Monrovia to register their plights to the international community by indicating all is not well here.

But Kanneh said, “We are not ignoring the dissatisfaction among Liberians as it relates to governance issues; but cognizant of the fact that our country once devastated by civil war is emerging from the ashes of war and taking its rightful place in the comity of nations.”

He contended that if the Sirleaf-led government is sincerely X-rayed without political sentiments, it would be realized that much has been achieved by the government and the positive activities surpass the negative ones. As such, Kanneh believes there is no need to tear down the government in the presence of international partners.

He said President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has provided the platform on which Liberians can freely exercise their God-given freedoms, therefore, “it behooves us to reciprocate this platform with great deal of respect to the Presidency.”


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