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UP caucus chair tips Weah over VP Boakai

UP tips Weah over VP Boakai NDWhat seems a ‘desperate roam for power’ ahead of the 2017 General and President elections, some executives and influential supporters of the ruling Unity Party are declaring political alignment with main opposition leader George Weah – highly perceived in some quarters as a possible successor to incumbent President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

The latest in this desperate row of ‘declaration of support’ for a Weah’s Presidency comes from the governing UP’s Caucus Chair in the House of Representatives, Bill Twehway of Montserrado County, who claims to be paying due to the ruling party.

“It’s possible I can support Weah 100 percent”, Representative Twehway told “Truth Breakfast”, a local live radio talk show on Monday, 8 June.
The UP’s caucus chair assertion, some say clearly demonstrates his lack of loyalty, describing him as ‘belly-driven politician’ who goes with the win wherever its tosses.

But he denied widely held public criticism here that he and businessman Musa Bility and other lawmakers like Representative Edwin Snowe, among others, are aligning with the main opposition Congress for Democratic Change or CDC’s political leader Senator George Weah, either to get re-elected or for political gains.

Reacting to these criticisms, Representative Twehway maintains he is a friend of George Weah, claiming that he was a founding member of the CDC before joining the governing UP on whose ticket he won the Montserrado representative seat in 2011.

Prior to Twehway’s appearance on Monday, a key UP member and campaign manager of President Sirleaf, businessman Musa Bility, and former National Patriotic Party member, Representative Edwin Melvin Snowe - an ‘influential’ supporter of President Sirleaf – had separately appeared on the very medium clearly boasting of their alignment and friendship with Senator Weah.

Both men publicly demonstrated their loyalty to Weah when they turned their backs on Mr. Robert Sirleaf, son of the President and supported George Weah for the Liberian Senate last December.

Mr. Snowe, a Montserrado County District Sixth Representative was clear in outlining strategies that he believes could defeat the Presidential quest of the ruling UP’s second–in–command, Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai.

Snowe is suggesting formation of a stronger opposition and a coalition to field a candidate against the incumbent Vice President comes 2017.

He fears that a long list of opposition candidates seeking the Presidency in 2017 could give the Vice President an edge, saying he and others in the UP had thought that both Mr. Boakai and President Sirleaf would retire in 2017.

Equally, the UP Caucus Chair Representative Twehway argued that there will always be political re-alignment based on political interests, claiming that the alignment with the opposition CDC by him and others is a “positive force” that will bring about good governance and satisfactory leadership.

Though claiming that the UP-led administration of President Sirleaf has built an international image with few successes at home in some sectors, he criticized the regime for poverty and allegedly scoring “a big negative” in area of employment that he blames on both the Executive and the Legislature. By Winston W. Parley - Edited by Jonathan Browne

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