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Police Brutality Injured Many

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Police Brutality Injured Many

Several administrators of the Josiah Menyongar Estate in Mount Barclay community have been admitted at the Dr. Swaray Medical and Surgical Clinic in Soul Clinic, Paynesville following police brutality.

The Josiah Menyongar Estate is involved in the sale and leasing of land in lower Johnsonville, Mount Barclay, Montserrado County.

One of the victims Prince Moore, who is said to be on critical list, was seen lying in a pool of blood, oozing from his head, neck, shoulders and back  after he was rushed to the clinic along with other victims for medication.

Another victim, Wilfred Sperney narrated that the act was committed by the police commander of the Mount Barclay Police depot, Mike Bono and five of his officers, escorted by six additional officers who drove in an LNP vehicle mark ‘Liberia National Police Highway Patrol 60.

Victims Wilfred Sperney, Prince Moore, Benjamin Twehgbah and John Haynes said they were riding in one of their jeeps with plate AG 500 from one of their clients, Dixon Z. Worlor’s residence when the police commander allegedly ordered them arrested and beaten.

According to them, they had just received US$12,000 from Dixon Worlor for five acres of land as part payment. Wilfred noted that out of the amount, he and his brothers shared US$1,000 among themselves as pocket change and kept the balance US$11,000 in a black plastic bag in the pocket of the car, while driving.

He noted that as the police commander and his men started beaten them, all of their phones were taken from away, adding, “The police commander Mike Bono himself took the car keys from my hands, entered the jeep and took the plastic bag of money; I was shouting for the money as they were beating Prince and me. He himself drove our jeep away to an unknown location and our US$11,000 was all taken away by him.”

Among the victims, Prince Moore and Wilfred are said to have been flogged severely by the police on the order of Commander Mike Bono because the two of them were protecting the car and the money.

Explaining the motive behind the police action, Wilfred said commander Bono acted in revenge of some men, who were arrested and detained at the Zone 9 depot 1 in Red-light on orders of the Paynesville Magisterial Court.

Court documents in the possession of this paper ordered the arrest of Ricky Mensah, Shedrick Bettie, Joe Lee, Gray Abel, and Rickey Mensah, Jr. These individuals were allegedly escorted by commander Bono and his men to the Josiah Menyongar Estate for a survey of unspecified acres of land.

When contacted for comment via mobile phone, Commander Bono confirmed the incident, but declined to comment unless he was authorized by the Inspector General of the Liberia National Police Chris Massaquoi. Bono maintained that he would only provide detail if invited by the Professional Standard Division of the Liberia National Police.


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