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CDC Finally Gets Green Light

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CDC Finally Gets Green Light

CDCians are expected to converge today at their party headquarters in Congo Town to observe a ‘Memorial Day’ to mark the November 7, 2011 riot with the Liberia National Police in Monrovia which left at least one member of the party dead.

This followed a last minute approval from the Justice Ministry Tuesday after an imminent standoff with the government.

The Congress for Democratic Change had defiantly insisted to hold the ‘Memorial Day’ with or without an approval from the authorities here, stressing that under the law, it is their right as a group of people to peacefully assemble.

But the Justice Ministry has been apprehensive about outcome of today’s activities by the party, fearing that it could disrupt public peace or turn violence like the November 7, 2011 unfortunate incident.

Officials of the party and the Justice Ministry however met Tuesday after which the authorities have finally given the party green-light to hold the ‘Memorial Day’.

Speaking to the New Dawn on the outcome of the dialogue, CDC National Vice Chair Mulbah Morlu said the political dust has been settled and all is now set for today’s program at the party’s headquarters.

Morlu said the government’s earlier refusal for the program to be held, was intended to breakdown the momentum amongst partisans and sympathizers of the party, the plan was uprightly defeated.

The party has repeatedly assured the public that today’s gathering will be peaceful. However, Monrovia residents are edgy, and some school authorities here have told their students to remain at home, clearly fearing that the political gathering could become disruptive and go out of control.

Morlu said today’s event will be characterized by revolutionary songs and speeches, launch of an anti-corruption song titled “Papa Na Yet” and lighting of candles, among others.

“Our partisans will be peaceful and anyone who wants to use the name of CDC to create problems, CDCians will arrest you and turn you over to the police. We hope to work closely with the police in order to have peaceful coordination of all activities”, he concluded.   

Meanwhile, the Liberia Council of Churches, LCC has welcomed the common understanding reached between the government and the CDC, which it described as “timely and responsible”.

The LCC in a press statement noted that during the discussions, chaired by Justice Minister Christiana Tah, both sides emphasized the need to maintain peace, and express preparedness to work to consolidate stability and democracy in the country.

“The Liberian Council of Churches therefore calls on All Liberians to remain calm and hopeful, and reminds both the Ministry of Justice and the Congress for Democratic Change that both the Council of Churches and the people of Liberia look forward to the Ministry of Justice and the CDC living up to their commitment reached today as the Council of Churches will be observing the commitments from both sides”, the statement read.


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