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Like Father, Like Sons

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Like Father, Like Sons

Former President Charles Taylor, now facing war crimes charges in The Hague was arrested and handed over to the Liberian government before his onward transfer to Sierra Leone while escaping from his Nigerian hosts into Cameroon.

As if it were a replay, Chuckie Taylor, Charles Taylor Jr., was arrested in the U.S. while attempting to beat the U.S. Immigration with fake IDs.

On Saturday, another son of the former President, Phillip Taylor aka ‘Bent Man’ was arrested while attempting to flee the country into neighboring Ivory Coast, Police authorities in Monrovia said Friday.

Philip Taylor is Charles Taylor’s son wih Bong County Senior Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor. Philip has been arrested for allegedly hiring gangs to beat up Chris Massaquoi Jr., the son of Immigration Commissioner Chris Massaquoi, on grounds that the latter facilitated the arrest and transfer of his father (Taylor) to face war crimes charges.

Chris’ mother, sources say, has vowed to seek justice and to avoid double torturing from both the father and son. The news of Philip’s arrest on Saturday saw swamp of journalists besieging the police headquarters.

The news that journalists had besieged the LNP Headquarters forced the police to detain him at the Zone #5 Police Depot in Paynesville outside Monrovia in an attempt to avoid the cameras of journalists.

Some members of his alleged gang were arrested earlier and are currently being detained at the Airfield Depot or Salem Police station while two are said to be on the run.

Phillip has been in hiding since reports of his brutal attack on Chris Massaquoi Jr., broke up about a week ago. He was arrested Saturday morning between Grand Bassa and Rivercess Counties’ border bridge of Cestos while attempting to escape the country in to neighboring Ivory Coast, source said.

His mother, Bong County Senior Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor could not be reached for comment on her son’s alleged act and subsequent arrest.

Phillip’s bigger brother, Chuckie Taylor (another mother), is currently serving  97-year sentence in the U.S. for crimes he committed while heading his father’s infamous Anti-Terrorist Unit (ATU) in Liberia. Until the recent happenings, some had perceived Phillip as being different from Chuckie.


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