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The Amputee Lone Star is to participate in a four-nation tournament organized by the American Amputee Federation.

The three times African Amputee champions are appealing to soccer lovers and Liberians in general for support to enable them participate in the U.S. games, having been left out of the 2014 Amputee World Cup in 2014 due to the Ebola outbreak in the country.

The team is embarking on a door-door campaign to generate over US$60,000 to cover travel expenses on the U.S. trip.

Melvin Gorteh, president of the former Liberia Amputee Sports Association (LASA) now the Amputee Federation of Liberia said, they look forward to all Liberians contributing at least US$1.00 towards this campaign to see the boys off for the pending international tournament.

Melvin said they are going in every community and home for support and are optimistic of bringing the trophy from America to Liberia. By Sally Gaye - Editing by Jonathan Browne

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