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Ballout Barks At Ellen

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Ballout Barks At Ellen

Senator John A. Ballout of the governing Unity Party  has uprightly accused President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of compromising the party at the detriment of thousands of partisans, who put their characters and lives on the line during the 2011 elections to have her re-elected.

Senator Ballout, an executive member of the UP said, the attitude of the first partisan and standard bearer has brought serious disrepute to officials of the party, including its National Chair, Cllr. Varney Sherman and many others.

Speaking to this paper over the weekend in Monrovia, he said the unexpected behavior of the standard bearer has placed the governing Unity Party in a disadvantage position for future elections, which many partisans find very challenging to cope with. Senator Ballout has already expressed his intention to contest for the presidency in 2017.

“Madam Sirleaf has abandoned the party and our partisans have been chased out of the party’s and government activities totally due to her compromised posture”, he said.

According to him, the President’s compromised posture has created serious political tension on the presidency, gradually diminishing the popularity of the Unity Party.

“Madam President has forgotten those that made her leader for this nation; where are those who defended her during the heat of campaign; where are the people who marketed her to the Liberian populace despite huge criticisms from oppositions?

Those people have been thrown aside and she thinks that the presidency is an individual show; that is far from the actual reality. Some of these political debates should have been handled by the party officials or our young militants but because of her careless attitude displayed against the party has put us as party officials in a situation where none of us can freely defend her and the party at large,” he added.

The Senator lamented that such practice is unhealthy for the political existence of the Unity Party and Madam Sirleaf should desist if she means well for the institution that many intellectuals both young and old have put their lives on the line to keep alive.

This is the second time that a UP stalwart has criticized their standard bearer. Earlier, National Chairperson Cllr. Varney Sherman said Madam Sirleaf has abandoned her partisans and was now catering to outsiders, offering them scholarships to pursue undergraduate studies in the United States, in direct reference to Darius Dillon.


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