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Rev. Sandy bounces back for 2017
Rev. Kennedy Sandy, one of the key attractions of the 2011 presidential and legislative election says he’s back to contest the 2017 Presidential elections.Rev. Sandy who announces his return today to lead the Liberian Transformation Party or LTP, to the 2017 elections first made his debut appearance on the Liberian political landscape in 2011.











Education is not a requirement for elected post
The ex-wife of imprisoned former president Charles Ghankay Taylor, nowBong County Sen. Jewel Howard Taylor says “education is not arequirement for people desiring elected offices “from the Presidency down to the Legislature.”











Youth leader arrested for sex with teenage boy
Police Spokesman DCP Sam Collins says investigators at the Women and Children Protection Section of the Liberian National Police are interrogating the head of the Liberian Youth Network Mr. Mawolo Kpadeh for an alleged sexual intercourse with a teenage boy. Mr. Collins told reporters at the Police Headquarters on Capitol Hill Thursday, 27 October that 40 year - old suspect Kpadeh was arrested on Wednesday, 26 October in Margibi County based on a complaint filed by the victim’s parents over the alleged sexual abuse of their 16 year -old son.











Education is most powerful tool for development
The Acting Chairman of the Solidarity Alliance Congress or SAC, Gonpue Emmanuel A. Rogers has noted that education is the most powerful tool that any country can use for development.











The United States Government has commended the Liberian Government for its commitment to democracy and freedom of expression in Liberia. The US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, said Liberia, a post conflict country, is a shining example of what commitment to good governance and determination to make progress can do.

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Defendants Stanley Johnson, Zobon Gbanjah, alias Konakey and co-defendants Glen Washington, David Yenego, Mandela Kaiser and Othello Smith are jointly indicted on multiple crimes, ranging from theft, misapplication of entrusted property to criminal facilitation and criminal conspiracy.

Following the defendants’ denial Monday, prosecuting lawyer Cllr. Theophilous T.C. Gould begged the court to order its sheriff to qualify jurors in the proceedings to face the defendants on the charges.

Though defense lawyers interposed no objection to prosecution’s request, the trial court suspended the jury selection process for Wednesday, August 22, 2012, while preparations are being made ahead of the jury sequestration or selection.

Last week, Court “C” denied defense lawyers’ request to separately prosecute Stanley Johnson and Zobon Gbanjah from the rest of the co-defendants, including Glen Washington, David Yenego, Mandela Kaiser and Othello Smith.

Prosecution’s amended indictment claims that in May, June, August and November 2011 respectively, the enlisted defendants allegedly engaged in double transfer of cash, first to Ecobank’s customers’ accounts including City Builders and Bah Corporation, and then to a personal account, bearing account number 12910412742011 owned by one Ruth Sawmadal, which was opened by the bank’s branch in Grand Bassa County.

The alleged transfer amounted to US$378,676.26 into Ruth’s account and was discovered by Ecobank during yearly reconciliation.

But defense counsels Attorneys Arthur T. Johnson and Swahilo Sesay, representing Stanley and Zobon contended that the indictment did not state co-defendant Zobon jointly conspired with the other co-defendants and that there was no cause to believe that he committed a crime.

The defense lawyers also insisted that co-defendant Stanley Johnson’s area of assignment and responsibilities were separate and far from the other defendants’ and that there was no evidence to link him to any ‘joint criminal emperor.’

In resisting the defense’s request, the prosecuting lawyers, comprising Cllr. Theophilus T.C. Gould and others representing Ecobank-Liberia, pointed out that jointly prosecuting Stanley and Zobon along with the other accused does not infringe on their rights (Stanley’s and Zobon’s) because they all jointly committed the crime, even if they did it at separate locations.

Prosecutors claimed that as head for Reconciliation at EcoBank, defendant Stanley harmonized all accounts and identified conflicts or shortages in reporting; therefore, he had to connive in consent with the other co-defendants for the perfection of their criminal plan.

Prosecution also wondered why the defense’s submission was contradictory on grounds that in one count, it wanted the amended indictment dismissed, and yet asking for separate trials in another count.

The state lawyers argued that a party desirous of a pre-trial motion should file same and serve other parties in not less than 24 hours before it is noticed to be heard, which was not done; therefore, the court should deny and ignore defense’s submission for separate trial.

Besides, the state lawyers said the amended indictment certainly has the names by application of law of co-defendants Stanley Johnson and Zobon Gbanjah [Konakey] as reflected in every count of the indictment.

However, Criminal Court “C” Judge Peter W. Gbenewleh denied defense submission, saying the counsels did not show how the rights and interests of their clients would be prejudiced in a joint trial.

Judge Gbenewleh recalled that prosecutors’ amended indictment alleges among other things that co-defendants Glen Washington, David Yenego, Mandela Kaiser and Othello Smith, Stanley Johnson and Zobon Gbanjah [Konakey] jointly committed the crime.


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Liberian signs 2-year deal in U.S.


A Liberian footballer based in the United States Emmanuel N. Elkins has signed a two-year deal with Maryland Blues – an American 2nd division club. Maryland blues (previously of LFK Maryland)...

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Liberia, Morocco Clash Today


Liberia’s National Football team- the Lone Star, will today lock horns with their Morocco counterparts in the City of Casablanca. According to the Liberia Football Association, the Lone Star will meet with a...

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Mighty Barrolle get L$100,000 fine


The Liberia Football Association or LFA has fined Mighty Barrolle Sport Association 100,000 Liberian dollars, an equivalent of US$1,042 for fans invasion during the final game between Barrolle and Monrovia...

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Making “Made in Africa” Last

28-10-2016 Hits:33 Commentary Newdawn - avatar Newdawn

ABIDJAN, CÔTE D’IVOIRE– If you’re ever shopping for a pair of jeans in an American mall, check the label.If it was made in, say, Lesotho – a tiny mountainous country...

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America After the Election

27-10-2016 Hits:52 Commentary  Richard N. Haass - avatar Richard N. Haass

KYIV – The ongoing presidential campaign in the United States stands out for its lack of civility and the vast differences between the candidates: the anti-establishment businessman Donald Trump on...

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Toxic Politics Versus Better Economic's

25-10-2016 Hits:187 Commentary Mohamed A. El-Erian, - avatar Mohamed A. El-Erian,

NEW YORK – The relationship between politics and economics is changing. Advanced-country politicians are locked in bizarre, often toxic, conflicts, instead of acting on a growing economic consensus about how...

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