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Brumskine not an option
The governing Unity Party has for the first time responded to rumors here that it is viewing possibility of taking the opposition Liberty Party leader Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine as running mate to Vice President Joseph NyumahBoakai in the 2017 elections, saying Brumskine is not an option in the UP’s political calculus.











Doctors abandoning hospitals
Medical Doctors here are said to be abandoning the hospitals due to the low scale of salaries for doctors and nurses, ELWA Hospital Medical Director, Doctor Jerry Brown has disclosed. He said as a result, many practitioners are leaving clinical medicine for the law profession.











Lonestar Cell MTN awards valueable prizes
Liberia’s leading GSM Company Lone Star Cell MTN has awarded several valuable prizes, including 21inch flat screen television, DVD player and generator, among others to subscribers of its Mobile Money Promotion.











FEJAL finally elects new Secretary-General
The Female Journalists Association of Liberia or FEJAL has finally elected a new Secretary General. FEJAL over the weekend went to the polls and elected Mrs. Winnie Saywah Jimmy as Co-coordinator and Antoinette Sendolo as Secretary General, respectively.











The United States Government has commended the Liberian Government for its commitment to democracy and freedom of expression in Liberia. The US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, said Liberia, a post conflict country, is a shining example of what commitment to good governance and determination to make progress can do.

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Commissioner William Julye said he is not a health practitioner that people should expect to examine sick people.He made the statement on October 6, 2014 via mobile phone in interview with a local radio station in the area.

It can be recalled that many residents of Cinta recently claimed that Commissioner Julye was paying deaf ears to concerns over an Ebola suspected situation around the German Camp Junction.

The residents disclosed that there are about four people, who are seriously ill in the township and they need to be taken to the Ebola holding center for proper attention and to also save the lives of other people who are residing in the area.

According to them, these people are showing signs and symptoms of the virus, which is scaring. But according to them, since they told the commissioner, he has not made any effort.

However, reacting to the claims, Commissioner William Julye noted that he has gathered information about the situation and informed the County Health Team.

He said the health team has assured that it will respond to the call.


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Liberian signs 2-year deal in U.S.


A Liberian footballer based in the United States Emmanuel N. Elkins has signed a two-year deal with Maryland Blues – an American 2nd division club. Maryland blues (previously of LFK Maryland)...

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Liberia, Morocco Clash Today


Liberia’s National Football team- the Lone Star, will today lock horns with their Morocco counterparts in the City of Casablanca. According to the Liberia Football Association, the Lone Star will meet with a...

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Mighty Barrolle get L$100,000 fine


The Liberia Football Association or LFA has fined Mighty Barrolle Sport Association 100,000 Liberian dollars, an equivalent of US$1,042 for fans invasion during the final game between Barrolle and Monrovia...

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Financial Inclusion and Beyond

20-10-2016 Hits:132 Commentary Newdawn - avatar Newdawn

CAMBRIDGE – Because traditional financial services are not designed for small depositors and borrowers, several non-traditional models have been able to scale up rapidly in this untapped market. But, without...

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Toxic Politics Versus Better Economics

19-10-2016 Hits:373 Commentary Mohamed A. El-Erian - avatar Mohamed A. El-Erian

NEW YORK – The relationship between politics and economics is changing. Advanced-country politicians are locked in bizarre, often toxic, conflicts, instead of acting on a growing economic consensus about how...

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The US Election and the World

14-10-2016 Hits:432 Commentary Newdawn - avatar Newdawn

CAIRO – The Republican Party’s candidate for the American presidency, Donald Trump, is clearly not the GOP establishment’s first choice. Even this close to the November 8 election, more than...

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