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Dr. Toga Gaywea McIntosh, the only challenger to Vice President Joseph N. Boakai for the ruling Unity Party or UP presidential ticket has bowed out of the race. Not only has he arched out of the contest, but he has also quit the party citing undemocratic tenants within the ruling establishment.











The National Secretary General Wilmot Paye of the ruling Unity Party has officially declared his intention to contest for the party’s chairmanship. Earlier, it was reported that Gender and Development Minister Madam Julia Duncan Cassell, Attorney Madina Wesseh, and Montserrado County Representative Henry Fahnbulleh had declared intention for the chairmanship, but up to present, the public has not heard anything about their interest.











The Office of the Press Secretary to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf says its attention has been drawn to the Monday June 27, 2016 Press Conference by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, J. Alex Tyler in which he made several grave allegations against the person and office of the President of the Republic of Liberia.











Based on tip-off from sources at the Capitol, this paper reported on Wednesday, June 15, 2016 that House Speaker Alex Tyler thru the House’s Chairperson on Ways, Means, Finance and Budget, Lofa County Representative Moses Kollie dished out about US$108,000 to fellow lawmakers on behalf of the embattled Speaker, who is being increasingly pressurized to recuse himself from presiding over session in the wake of his indictment for corruption.










Amidst the visit of United States First Lady Michelle Obama to Liberia Monday to promote girls education here, Building Relations through Intercultural Dialogue and Growing Engagement or BRIDGE Liberia for short, has provided textbooks, book bags and computers to the J. W. Pearson Elementary School in Monrovia.

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Yes, my son, what happen to him?

Father, they say your man has impregnated one 17- year old girl who  is staying with him at his official resident sleeping place. They say your man did not only burst the little girl bag, but he has been taking out his one, one cup until the girl got pregnant.

Tell me something my son. Is this not statutory rape since the girl is below 18?

Ay  Father,  my name ooh, because I told you I don't like gossip. They say the man has instructed the little girl not to even get outside the gate for fear that if neighbors see her they will start asking plenty questions and then who knows.

But wait ooh my son, all these beautiful women wasting in town here with burst bags, the chief didn't see any of them  to take out his regular one, one cup only  that under aged girl?

Father, the big mouth chief says he cannot fatten frog for snake. He says there is no way he is going to cook his food for somebody to come from the blind side to chop it and therefore he must be the first to taste.

So, how will he handle this now?

Father, the guy is relaxed in his struggle. They say he is finding way to put the blame on one innocent peking, but this is proving difficult for him.

But my son how do you know all of this?

Hahaha, Father too ya, there is no gossip in this town that will pass my ears. Everybody sees me as the village's eyes and ears. So even if I am out of here, I will still know.

But the funny thing is the big mouth chief and one of his fellow chiefs have been throwing accusations at each other of late. And you know the funny thing Father?

No, my son

Each has planted spies in the other's offices and homes to obtain the other's secret. It was through this that insiders reported this poor 17 year-old girl story.

They say it was one hot sunny day, when your man came from his office and saw the little girl in one of her most sexy dresses in the house. They say noticing that they were alone; he decided to cajole the little girl there by bursting her bag and taking out the first one cup.

They say your man promised to kill the girl if she told the story to anyone. In fact, to relax the girl he started giving her more money something which he used to entice the little girl to enable him take out his regular one, one cup till she got pregnant.

My son, so you mean all those big mouth the chief can be making he has a serious moral problem?

But Father don't you know that everybody has a secret only if you can find it you will know how dirty they are.

You know it is like some guys in the communities who pretend to be friends but they are secretly making advances at their friend wives just to take out one, one cup from their bags. That's how dirty and nasty they are. They smile at you but they are digging behind your back.

But my son what the community guys will do if their friends wives encourage it and defend them in the process? Doesn't it mean that they are interested?

So, this chief is not an exception, the only thing is that  he did his own right under his feet and that the most embarrassing thing is that the one, one bag he has been taking out has led to something else more disgraceful.

Unlike the community guys who are well married and still chasing after  their friends women, this one, he cooked his own chicken.

But does that make him morally right in any case?

Not at all Father, both the community wife chaser and the chief are morally wrong? In some developed villages these attitude lower the prices of homes in those communities.  Not many people will want to find a home there because nobody wants to be a neighbor of a wife snatcher/ chaser or a pedophiliac. Nobody will trust such a person coming around his wife or children.

Just as people try to avoid living in the same community with an ex-convict or one with a criminal record is the same way they do treat a wife chaser or pedophilia or a pedophiliac.


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Referees told to uphold integrity


The vice president of the Liberia Football Association Musa Shannoh stressed the need for referees in the country to hold their integrity in high esteem, adding that integrity comes first...

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Mourinho Finally En route to Man-U


Manchester United will appoint Jose Mourinho as their new manager, BBC Sport reports. It is believed a deal with the 53 year-old Portuguese and former Chelsea Manager, was agreed in principle...

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Liberian Referee Joins 33 Others


A Liberian referee, George Roger, has joined 33 others in Africa for this year’s CAF international referee course in Yaoundé Cameroon. 2016 FIFA badge George Roger left the country Wednesday for...

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America’s Second Chance with India

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Europe After Brexit

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