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Religious Council Wants Children’s Rights Prioritized

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Religious Council Wants Children’s Rights Prioritized

The Inter Religious Council of Liberia (IRCL) is calling on all religious leaders to reprioritize the care and protection of children in their respective congregations, schools, and communities.

The Council urged all Imams and Pastors across Liberia to recommit to dedicating their services every month if not daily, hourly or minutely to the teachings and training of kids here.

Addressing a news conference, the IRCL said in observance of the International Day of the Child and the Convention on the Rights of the Child Tuesday, November 20, 2012, religious groups should acknowledged the enormous achievements of the State Party for programs held for children in the past.

Sheikh Kafumba F. Konneh, Chairperson of the Inter Religious Council of Liberia said stakeholders should be reminded about the challenges that lie ahead.

“Children in Liberia continue to remain vulnerable, and it is the responsibility of us all - the community along with the parents and the guardians of our children, to nurture and protect them” he noted.

The Inter-religious Council of Liberia is a consortium of Liberian Council of Churches and the National Muslim Council of Liberia involved in tireless advocacy for the protection of Liberian children and children the world over.

Sheikh Konneh said the IRCL partnership with UNICEF and Religions for Peace stands as an International model, representing a holistic approach to addressing violence against children, and has demonstrated to the State Parties of the Convention on the rights of children that Religion and its Spirituality has a major stake in the care and protection of children.

He said children are born into the world as a trust of the whole and require nurturing, loving, educating, and training, stressing, “They need meaningful opportunities to be of service for their intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual development.”

He said: ”Our obligations as the moral conscience of our society commit us not only to the ideals of the Convention on the Rights of the Child but also to actively work alongside, if not in the vanguard and give support to the State Party in implementing all the recommendations of the Committee on the Rights of the Child.”


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